I have had friendship with people of many different types (probably just like you). If I were to rate the level of appreciation that I get from them (Like, I feel more like a gifted person ) and sort them, it would look like this:
1. SFs - "Hey why aren't you working for NASA? Will you try to find a cure for cancer?" not joking (I can easily tell when people are just flattering)
2. STs - "What you have said is absolutely nonsense, but you are pretty smart" with a sort of sarcastic and enthusiastic (at the same time) look
3. NTs - "Yeah I understand what you're saying, now let me go back to reddit" or gives an alternative idea but not really interested.
4. NFs - Adds something to what I have said and we talk about it for good, but no appreciation from both parts.

So I tend to gravitate towards SFs and NFs because I feel that my time is being productive to my perception of usefulness to the world.

So which groups of types tend to appreciate you more? (I'm assuming you have experience with all types of people)