hey critters! <3
i can't believe this hasn't been done before, both cast and character typings are welcome.
a total stab in the dark--

matthew mercer- EIE, this man has enough charisma to be a cult leader, and then some (also his body dysmorphia is noteworthy--possibly si-polr manifestation-- but not necessarily type related)
travis willingham- alpha sf, really high fe (known for being a team player) but doesn't have a heavy se/ni aura at all
marisha ray- IEE? or ESE
liam o'brien- SLI
sam reigel- IEE (given his close bond with liam... "love at first sight" i think duality would put an interesting twist on their dynamic)
laura bailey- high fe defo,, i'm not really sure on type
our dark lord talisen jaffe- EII or IEI (a quiet introspective type)
ashley johnson- no clue
any insights/corrections/typings of your own are welcome!

1-one-1 cast interviews below for more depth,, but tbh i think you get a better grasp on their personalities by watching their group dynamics