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Thread: Stackemup Typology (Enneagram-Side) Corners The Market On Well-Founded Differences Between E4 and E2

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    Default Stackemup Typology (Enneagram-Side) Corners The Market On Well-Founded Differences Between E4 and E2

    here are thirteen (13) well-founded and now documented distinctions between E2 and E4 for the history books:

    1. Fours have a connection to Two which means they can be attentive to others' needs, but fours are not consistent when it comes to attending to others and routinely slumber off into periods of self-indulgence and negative fall-out. Twos hardly ever drop the ball.

    2. The two's game is to seduce. The four's game is to run.

    3. Fours maintain their self-direction in life. Twos win others over.

    4. Twos see themselves as a part of other people's life story. Fours see others as a part of the four's own life story.

    5. Twos pry and ask a lot of questions of people they are interested in. Fours show little overt interest in others in this regard.

    6. Twos prefer others to self-reveal and open up. Fours prefer to figure others out intuitively.

    7. Twos seek to win the approval of others even if it means losing connection to themselves (even when winning the approval of others first requires confrontation). Fours like to confuse and confound expectations even if it means alienating themselves.

    8. Twos seek affirmations of love through over-possession. Fours seek affirmation of love through self-alienation (as if to say, "would you still love me if I was like this")

    9. Twos are typically assertive when it comes to taking needed action in the real world. Fours can spend years "running in place."

    10. Fours see themselves as lone wolfs and independent even though they usually end up having to live under other people's thumb. Twos are outer-directed and see themselves as sacrificing even though twos typically end up having other people live under their thumb.

    11. Fours are emotionally honest even to a fault and have a better, more refined grasp on how they are feeling at any given moment, as well as, how any given moment fits into their story. Twos adjust their emotional position for the benefit of those they are communicating with even though the two has their own agenda.

    12. Fours are head-strong without the pretense of acknowledging others' point of view. Twos are head-strong with the pretense of acknowledging others' point of view.

    13. Fours hemorrhage, bleed, intensify subjective-feeling states. Twos exaggerate and overplay subjective-feeling states.
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