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Thread: Do you have something to learn from others?

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    Default Do you have something to learn from others?

    Do each sociotype has something especific to learn from each IR?

    I mean, do you think you could have something to learn from your dual, conflictor, s.ego, supervisor etc as types or from the relationship that could help you to grow or not really?

    What do you think?

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    All experiences are learning experiences. Not every experience is conducive to one's health, though.

    I don't think negative experiences help a person grow unless they're integrated the right way. And then you're better in spite of, not necessarily because of, the experience. Who knows, though? Some good experiences only happen because of some bad experiences.

    I read some Chinese proverb that went along a series of events in a person's life and kept asking if it was good luck or bad luck. At the end, the conclusion was that it was impossible to know, because one never knows what comes next.

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