1. What does "logical" mean? What is your understanding?
I think of systems such as algebra, and those logic puzzles you get in cheap puzzle books where you have to eliminate different people based on criteria. I like using logic, especially recreationally when solving a puzzle or playing an escape game. I'm good at remembering systems.

2. What is a rule? What rules do you have to follow?
I guess, to me, a rule is something in place to protect others and make things fair for everyone. Rules are necessary but you can use your own judgement to know if it's safe to break them. I sometimes allow myself to break rules because I know it's not going to hurt anyone and it's going to benefit me.

3. What do you think of instructions? Do you use them? Could you write an instruction manual? If so, what type of instruction manual would you most likely write?
I appreciate instructions and I do use them for things like cooking because I do not trust myself to come up with a good receipe alone. If I were to write an instruction manual, it would be ĎHow to Determine Your Enneagram typeÖí as I have studied the Enneagram lots and read multiple sources that I can merge together.

4. Tell us how about consistent you are?
Iím persistent more than I am consistent. Iíll regularly fall of the wagon and spend ages procrastinating, ignoring my duties and letting myself goÖ.but Iíll always be determined to get back on track and Iíll never give up on my goals.So on a day-to-day basis, I may look aimless and lazy but Iím always of the mindset that Iíll turn myself around and strive for greatness. I just need that motivation to hit me.

5. You need to put your home library in order. How do you feel about this activity? How will you approach this task?
Iíd love this task because it would give me a chance to reminisce all of the old books Iíve forgotten about, but Iíll spend ages just musing about each book and probably get sidetracked because Iíll start imagining the storylines in my head or researching if there has been any sequels etc.

6. How do you feel if you didn't finish some work? Does it ever happen? What are the reasons?
I always have unfinished work because I always give myself too many projects. One day Iíll decide I want to produce a short novel and Iíll beginning writing it, and the next day Iíll decide I want to become a painter and Iíll buy myself paint equipment. Then I feel overwhelmed because I have all this work I have to finish and I preferred the idea of it all to actually doing it.

7. What is "interesting work" for you? Please explain in detail.
I think Iíd love to be a private investigator because Iím fascinated by human behaviour and I already spend a lot of time thinking about the people I know and their behaviours. I loved psychology as a student as well. Thereís somethign exciting about spying on somoene and knowng something nobody else knows.

8. There is a professional right next to you. You always see that you can't perform the way they do. Your feelings, thoughts and actions?
I donít care too much, to be honest. Iím not in competition with anybody - weíre all on our own journeys. I think itís silly to measure performance against others. Iím sure Iím good at something they are not and Iíll make sure I focus on that.

9. When you have to ask someone else to help you with the task, how do you feel?
Annoyed - I donít like drawing attention to myself or feeling that I owe anyone any favours.

10. Please describe your understanding of a beautifully dressed person. What is the core of beauty? How do you explain what is beautiful to a person who has never heard about beauty before?
A beautifully dressed person is somebody who knows their own style that suits their own personality, their growth and their body/skin tone etc. It took me a long time to learn this as I used to copy everybody else who inspired me (I still do sometimes) but I think Iím learning what works on me and what doesnít, and what brings out the best in me. Once I dyed my hair black because I loved the whole goth chick look but looking back I realised it made my pale skin look all washed out. Iíve never been very good at fashion until I get hindsight.

11. Tell us how you'd design any room, house or an office. Do you do it yourself or trust someone else to do it? Why?
So I have already loosely planned what I will want each room to look like in my dream house and I will want to do most of it myself. I want the bedroom to be space/galaxy themed, the bathroom to be ocean-themed, the kitchen to be tropical/caribbean-themed, the lounge to be jungle-themed and so on. I like themes. I like nature.

12. Are there strategies of attack? Can you use them? When is it justified?
Honestly, Iím pretty bad at confrontation so Iíll likely go on the defense and recruit a friend or two to help with the offense.

13. How do you protect yourself and your interests?
I spend a lot of time by myself and practice to get good at my interests so that by the time I show other people, Iím already half-decent and then Iíll feel more secure in them.

14. Do others think of you as a strong person? Do you think you are a strong person?
People who care about me say that Iím strong because Iíve been through some really tough times emotionally and Iíve not turned bitter and Iíve always tried to fight to become a better person. I tend to take the high road often.

15. How would you improve the moral of the society?
Everyone needs to experience empathy so maybe Iíd get everyone to take drugs or something and go through a really bad trip just so they know how terrified and lonely it can be for some people, then maybe theyíd think twice before being a d**k. Iím saying this because I had a seriously bad trip once and I wouldnít want my worst enemy to go through it.

16. Can you justify somebody's bad behavior by thinking that he/she wasn't taught how to do so?
Not anymore. I gave people too many chances to change and now Iíve realised that some people are too damaged from childhood to ever be a decent person. I feel sorry for them.

17. What is sympathy? When do you need to express it? When is it advised not to?
Sympathy is a social niceity that is good to show to lift the mood a little, but often people will adopt a Ďwoe is meí attitude and will try and manipulate others into feeling sorry for them, and this is when I get annoyed. Sometimes I will get impatient with people who crave sympathy but then Iíll feel guilty for doing so. Iím still trying to get better at the whole flattery and compliments thing.

18. Somebody is giving you a negative attitude Ė what is your reaction? Could you show your own negative attitude toward someone else? If so, how? Could you give a person the silent treatment? How easily do you forgive people?
Iíll be pretty upset and will say something sarcastic back like ďwhat is your problem? Having a bad day, are we?Ē. Then I will give them the silent treatment because frankly I have become very uncomfortable with the fact I engaged with them at all. Iíll forgive them if they apologise and explain why they acted that way but Iíd always be more on edge around them.

19. Is it acceptable to express emotions? Give examples of inappropriate expression of emotions.
Iíve never been very expressive of my emotions. I feel like Iím a deeply sensitive person but I struggle to show overly positive or negative emotions in social situations. I get a little giddy or goofy at times but thatís as far as it goes. Most of the time Iíll speak in a polite, but monotone voice. I feel like Iím being self-absorbed if Iím emotional so I choose not to be.

20. What does it mean to "pour out your emotions"? How does it happen?
Since I hide my emotions in daily life, I will sometimes explode into a heap of emotions when Iím least expecting it. This often happens when someone is being really sympathetic towards me and I canít handle it - bizarre!

21. Does your internal emotional state correlate with what you show externally?
No - I appear a lot more easy-going and free-spirited than I am internally. Internally, Iím judging and analysing everyone.

22. Do you like surprises?
Yeah, I love anything novel and anything that someone has put effort into to make me feel good. I love new shiny things!

23. What do you think of horoscopes, fortune telling etc.? Do you believe in luck, lucky fortuity?
So I was obsessed with horoscopes as a teenager because I loved sorting all of my friends into categories and I loved spending hours ruminating on which zodiac signs each member of the Powepuff Girls or the cast of Twilight fit into! Oh the shame! I now realise it is bogus, but I still have the need to categorise everything!

24. Can you forecast events? Is it even real?
Iím the kind of person who can predict the end of certain movies because I think Ďokay how would I have ended this storyline?í because I tend to follow the patterns of the way most people think. I also think of multiple ways something can go wrong so sometimes I feel like Iíve predicted the future because Iíve already considered that scenario.

25. Are you normally late? How do you react if someone is late?
I am normally late, even though I have every intention to leave early. I just end up getting sidetracked in my head or worrying Ďdo I look okay?í etc and I lose track of time.

26. What should be done so people can be happy?
It would be nice if we all werenít seperated into countries, cultures and religions, and we had a few universal rules to abide by (e.g. donít be a d**k), but other than that we were pretty much free to do as we pleased.

27. When you meet a stranger, what can you say about them right away? How do you know what this person is all about? Does it take long to understand someone's talents?
I usually notice the personís confidence levels and spot signs of insecurity/weakness. I guess its because I connect with people better if I feel that they are just as vulnerable and timid as I am deep down.

28. Remember an interesting person and call out 5-6 qualities you think are interesting in them. What makes an interesting person? Are you an interesting person? Why? What if someone calls you "boring" and "not interesting"?
Dominant, flattering, melodramatic, intense, conspiracy theorist.

I found this person interesting because he defied social norms and struck up intense and mid-boggling conversations with complete strangers (something Iíd never do). He also made me feel special by sharing his deepest secrets but Iíve since realised he did that with everyone >_>

I actually think Iím a rather boring person relatively speaking, but Iím learning to be okay with that. Iíve spent my whole live feeling weird (like the ĎPhoebeí of Friends) so its quite refreshing to hear that Iím ďnormalĒ.

29. Do you fantasize? What kind of fantasies do you have?
I fantasize 24/7! Since I was a kid I have created stories in my head where I am the hero and I save the world and then it gets a bit stockholm-syndromey because some Edward Cullen-type will be stalking me and heíll kidnap me but heíll also love me. Since Iíve got into a real life relationship these fantasies have now subsided, youíll be happy to know.

30. What qualities should a person have to be successful and why?
Open-mindedness, empathy and patience. I feel like as long as your open to try new things, have the patience and determination to see it through and stay kind to others youíll come out on top.