1) when thinking, I look for answers inside, but when online though, I systematically but almost drunkely and intuitively systemize and gather piles of data to form a bigger picture and then grab parts from it, but I distinctly remember an Intjish thing about "rooting out inconsistencies" I did.
2) i see multiple truths existing at once to form one major truth in quasi congnitive dissonance, but some truths I will absolutely abhor or simply reject.
3) I seek out justice when wronged or i see suffering so viciously that I become vicious with my tongue, for instance, fantasizing about crippling sanctions that lead to the starvation of millions and then a revolution, assassinations by the "holy CIA" etc. (I see russia and china, iran, turkey as a threat, as well as scumbags like islamist terrorists like the taleban and isis and al qaeda and turkey despite being turkish, but that's a story for another day)
4) when i get stressed i either fantasize about using my stress as a motivator to make an ideology that changes the world or worry about other people's opinions.
i also fantasize about becoming a quant or businessman and amassing huge wealth and all my enemies wishing they had never picked on me
5) i am very emotional, but i overanalyze my emotions or get overwhelmed by them
6) im a nerd but not in the traditional sense in fact if i joined a nerd convention i would be the odd man out and feel lonely.