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    I lean more towards 5w6 with this song, with the loud brain. Hiding behind a fortess of knowledge or having a rich innerworld "in the clouds." The air being cold and clean when finally in knowledge-hoarding figuring things out mode. It seems 5w6ish being out of the reach of the world, out of the reach of others with the general coping mechanism.

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    These rabbits were in fact on a raft, as were assorted rats and owls. There may have even been a reindeer.
    On a raft. And a boy was sitting on the raft.
    The picture worried me, I must say. There was an otter swimming in front of the raft, and I used to lie awake worrying about this otter, having to pull the raft, with all these other wretched animals on it who shouldn't even be on a raft, and the otter had such a thin tail to pull it with I thought. It worried me.
    Then one day-- and remember I had been looking at this picture every night for years-- I suddenly noticed the raft had a sail. Never seen it before. The otter was fine, just swimming along.

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