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Thread: most common and least common causes of death for each (sub)type

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    Default most common and least common causes of death for each (sub)type

    ILE-Ti: More disproportionately from acute myocardial infarction than any other type (from what I've read of historical ILE-Ti and it makes sense given that their sexy fat is more in their upper body than any other type and they eat rich fried foods more than any other type and they tend to eat larger portions than most; they often like feeling sore, bloated, or having indigestion). Least likely type to die of complications from dementia (and to actually have dementia) and homicide. Suicide less likely than average but happened sometimes. Most types of cancer (except maybe breast) less likely than most or all other types due to increased frequency of type O blood and not staying in an area long enough to absorb carcinogens. ILE-Ti, SLE-Ti, LSI-Se, ESI-Se, EIE-Ni types most likely to have O negative blood type, but very rare in IEE-Ne.

    ILE-Ne: I don't know.

    SEI-Fe and SEI-Si: I don't know.

    ESE-Fe and ESE-Si: I don't know.

    LII-Ti and LII-Ne: I don't know.

    EIE-Ni: Progressive vascular problems (unlike ILE-Ti, they can have a heart attack and then survive for a long time after it and may die of brain anuerism, while ILE-Ti are never or almost never chronic heart patients, they just have one fatal myocardial infarction or a series of myocardial infarctions occuring over a short time period then they die from the last one). This is a type that's moderately to highly likely to commit suicide as well.

    EIE-Fe: I don't know, but probably vascular problems and myocardial infarction.

    LSI-Ti: the most bottom-heavy Ti-valuing type, especially women (they're often repulsed by fried foods and people eating them, they pretty much only eat low fat foods, and they "eat like birds"). women of this type are among the least skeptical of medical procedures, pharmaceutical products, instructions, and they follow pretty much any M.D.'s advice to a tee unless they had a goal they were trying to achieve (usually if the doctor was saying they don't want to give a high dose or sometimes if the doctor is extreme, as they like moderate, but they're never as hostile towards nor offended by doctors' advice as SLE often are). EII are similar in their trust of medical advice, pharmaceutical products, procedures and their generally personally liking doctors (although at the same time being annoyed that some types of doctors get paid too much while others get paid too little although for different reasons) and thinking of them as a group of good people. Dementia more common than in the other subtype.

    LSI-Se: predominantly myocardial infarction, but unlike ILE-Ti, this type is also prone to fatal car accidents.

    SLE-Ti and SLE-Se: medical problems that have built up half their lives. this is the type that is most skeptical or disregarding of and even offended by doctors' advice, the most likely to believe in paradoxical effects, the most likely to believe that vaccines cause autism or the disease they're said to prevent, and modifies doctors' instructions to lower dosages more than any other type. IEE is somewhat similar, but IEE is due to misunderstanding or personal dislike/envy of physicians rather than consciously. Myocardial infarction also likely at least for Ti subtype. Death from homicide much more common than in their business relations people.

    IEI-Fe and IEI-Ni: IDK. I'm curious about this. I think representatives of this type is one of the most likely to commit suicide.

    LIE-Te and LIE-Ni: IDK, but my guess would be myocardial infarction. I'm kind of curious about this.

    ESI-Fi: I'm not sure, probably alzheimer's disease complications and brain tumors are common. Death from myocardial infarction (especially females) unlikely.

    ESI-Se: It seems like myocardial infarction is the most common.

    ILI-Ni and ILI-Te: Myocardial infarction from the few cases I know of and given that they're often heavy and have bad hygiene.

    SEE-Se: Myocardial infarction; next possibly homicide and execution by the State.

    SEE-Fi: I don't know.

    LSE-Te: I don't know.

    LSE-Si: Probably myocardial infarction, but I'm not 100% sure about this.

    EII-Fi and EII-Ne: I don't know, this type is so rare. My guess would be myocardial infarction since they're a process type (process types/subtypes, especially causal-determinists, are more likely to die from myocardial infarction; LSI-Ti isn't really a process type EDIT: I don't know if they are a process type) and possibly suicide highest of all the types in the socion (if not EII, then IEI).

    IEE-Fi and IEE-Ne: Ne subtype: complications from dementia. Ne subtype least likely of all types in the socion to die of myocardial infarction (interesting how the least emotionally empathetic type is the most likely to die from myocardial infarction and least likely to die from complications from dementia, while the most emotionally empathetic type is the least likely to die from myocardial infarction and most likely to die from complications from dementia). Fi subtype: Dementia less likely and myocardial infarction more likely.

    SLI-Te and SLI-Si: I don't know.
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    I don't care to know medical lingo enough but

    ILE - information overload
    SEI - food overload
    ESE - psychomotor excitation overload
    LII - definition overload
    SLE - alcohol overdose
    IEI - catatonia
    EIE - drowning in tears
    LSI - cutting wrists in documents
    SEE - ecstasy overdose
    ILI - eyes fallen out of eye sockets
    LIE - self destructive paranoia aka self deletion
    ESI - being puritanically principled in front of impossible situations
    IEE - emotional exhaustion
    SLI - anything related to a hammer
    LSE - when people turn against their boss
    EII - being charitable in risky situations
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    Quote Originally Posted by Disturbed View Post

    ILI-Ni and ILI-Te: Myocardial infarction from the few cases I know of and given that they're often heavy and have bad hygiene.
    what the fuck

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    definitely common causes:

    ILE - diabetes
    SEI - schizophrenia made him stab the bugs in his belly
    ESE - fork in outlet
    LII - caught AIDS that one time

    SLE - died trying to escape from prison
    IEI - by your sins
    EIE - scammed into drinking the wrong koolaid
    LSI - sexual misdemeanor

    SEE - mass suicide cult leader
    ILI - cartwheel gone wrong
    LIE - drowned in alcohol
    ESI - antivaxxer

    IEE - obesity
    SLI - killed by a big government conspiracy
    LSE - cyberbullied into suicide
    EII - death by homelessness

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    I'm IEI and I died from cancer in my ass and balls

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    For delta it would be heart problems or breathing problems sadly...
    SLI maybe some type of brain disorder; not sure specifically which one yet, but I am trying to think perhaps autism

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