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Thread: [Work in Progress] 16t RPG Class Quiz

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    Default [Work in Progress] 16t RPG Class Quiz

    I think we need a 16t RPG class quiz since the D&D Alignment Test does way too much extrapolating people's classes and races from their morals. I also don't think you need that many questions on morals to even get someone's moral alignment correct, but the extrapolating classes from morals throws me off because while there are stereotypes like rogues are chaotic and paladins are lawful good there are really lots of different people with different classes and alignments. Also some people prefer class systems that aren't the same as D&D's even though it's super easy to make a huge hybrid class system of all of them. So, please contribute your cameo character designs and what you'd do in different situations so we can make a much better RPG class quiz and one that's not so Fi-ish even for an alignment quiz. We can even write "this quiz brought to you by socionics!" at the bottom if we want. The other quiz being super Fi-ish seems to explain exactly how it's skewed off from the actual characters people like to play and expect to get, and I don't think a moral quiz has to be Fi-ish since I would think involved is good or evil, abstract is neutral, rational is law, irrational is chaos, external is neutral, and internal is good (you figure out which combinations can be evil.)

    So, let's design this, fantasy quiz taking people.

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    A 16types test would certainly be superior, because we never do too much extrapolating from the morals of others and we're all classless and free.

    Does the test actually need to have Socionics in it at some point? Is it supposed to be a hybrid?
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