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Thread: Stackemup Typology (Enneagram-Side)'s Eleven Pearls Of Wisdom

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    Default Stackemup Typology (Enneagram-Side)'s Eleven Pearls Of Wisdom

    Pearl Of Wisdom Number I: The Fauvres Mainstreamed Multiple Personality Disorder.

    Comment: The enneagram presents distinct personality types. To have an enneagram type and/or a personality implies a specific foundation in both the conscious and unconscious mind-- a foundation is comprised of a core distortion, area of fixation, core action set, core trap, etc...the parts of the whole is what's known as a gestalt...each personality style runs on a specific logic. One can't instinctively possess the logic of a type without first having the foundational elements of that type.

    Tritype clearly satisfies the two or more personality states feature of MPD. Like MPD, the tritype concept, as the Fauvres have articulated it on their website and on youtube videos, holds that a person switches to one of the other alternate personalities under stress. Also like MPD, the tritype concept holds that each person has one personality that is more dominant than the others.

    Call it Tritype all you want. This is multiple-personality disorder. The only difference is the Fauvres are essentially saying everybody has MPD, and MPD is not actually a disorder.

    Pearl Of Wisdom II: Tritype (Aka Mulitple Personality Disorder) Is Fake Enneagram.

    Comment: If tritypes were real, it would be impossible to arrive at a valid breakdown for each type, wing and stack. Thus, my breakdown for each type, wing and stack disproves tritype in spades as it shows there was never a problem in the first place that required a concept like tritype to solve.

    Pearl Of Wisdom III: No Evidence Exists For Tritype.

    Comment: The fact people identify as having a tritype is not evidence for tritype. Its just anecdotal. A lot of it is due to confirmation bias and placebo effect. Other times, people attribute something to a "fix point" because they lack a deep enough understanding for how their type accounts for what they are seeing. Now Multiple Personality Disorder does exist but not in the manner that Tritype purports. The mass of research in psychiatry conclusively shows that having more than one personality type (multiple personality disorder) is rare and results from sexual and emotional abuse in childhood. The Fauvres essentially contend that everybody has MPD (which they have relabeled Tritype) and that this tritype/mpd is normal and healthy. However, they present no evidence but only a pyramiding of inferences based on unfounded assumptions. These puffs of smoke do not amount to a fire.

    Pearl Of Wisdom Number IV: The Fauvre's Descriptions For Tritype (Aka Multipe Personality Disorder) Are Canned.

    Comment: The Fauvre's tritype descriptions are based on a fusion of canned generalities and glib catchphrases about each type. Try it yourself. Attach one adjective for each type into a sentence, for example: 837 is a powerful, ambitious and adventurous type...and then do one sentence expanding on the adjective "powerful', a second sentence expanding on the adjective "ambitious" and a 3rd setnence expanding on the adjective "adventurous."

    Pearl Of Wisdom Number V: The Fauvre's Tritype (Aka Multipe Personality Disorder) Led To A Mistyping Explosion.

    Comment: even 9w8s read the 837 tritype description and come away thinking they are "Triple-aggressives"

    Pearl Of Wisdom Number VI: Tritype (Aka Multiple Personality Disorder) Has Ruined Discussions About Enneagram Types.

    Comment: self-explanatory...the mainstream understanding of types has become more watered down and superficial. Quality has significantly diminished.

    Pearl of Wisdom Number VII: Stop Using Tritype (Aka Multiple Personality Disorder).

    Comment: See Pearls of Wisdom I-VI

    Pearl of Wisdom Number VIII: If You Cannot Fit Yourself Into One Of Nine Types (Wings, Stackings Included), The Enneagram Isn't For You.

    Comment: self-explanatory...if every time people could not fit themselves into a type, we invented 10000 new classifications, there's no point in calling it a theory of personality. If you cannot fit yourself into one of the types, you don't yet know enough about your self and/or the types. But this is fundamentally a personality theory about nine core enneagram types. If you don't like it, and you wish there were 100,000 more classifications, that's just too bad.

    Pearl Of Wisdom Number IX: Certain Enneagram-MBIT/Socionics Combinations Are Impossible.

    Self explanatory...every 8 is a T type. Every 8w7 is an extrovert. Every 5 is an introvert and a thinker. Every 4 is a Feeler. Every 4w5 is an introvert.

    Pearl Of Wisdom Number X: Fours, Fives and Eights Get Their Types Right Away.

    Comment: These types have a strong internal frame of reference such that they will quickly recognize themselves in even the most basic description. These types also do not waver on their type once they have identified it. Types with a weaker internal frame of reference (3, 6, 9) rely more on tests in assessing their types. Needless to say, 4, 5 or 8 is automatically scratched off the list of possible types for anybody who would base their self-typing on a test score, seems attached to the idea of taking tests to find their type and/or offers their test results by way of screenshot or otherwise as proof of their type.

    Pearl Of Wisdom Number XI: Test Scores Do Not Mean A Damn Thing.

    Comment: Numerous mistypings occur due to people taking their scores on enneagram tests as evidence of their enneagram type. Tests are majorly flawed because tests 1) rely upon self-reporting which is tainted by ego and facilitates confirmation bias and 2) descriptions about types do not equal distinctions between types.
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