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Thread: Where is the real world then ?

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    Question Where is the real world then ?

    Since we categorized ourselves, ones see the world as imperfect, 6 and 8s see it as dangerous, 7, 2 and 3 I don't know actually, 4 and 5 ummm ??? And 9 can see all of this lol. So how can I see the real world, without lenses ? Why am I even here ??!! Why are you here ??

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    Wherever you go, there you are.

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    Stackemup Typology (Enneagram-side) has laid out the core distortions for all nine enneagram types (nobody before had been able to do so):

    Type 2: "I"m not capable of validating myself."
    Type 3: "I am a superior being."
    Type 4: "I am an ugly duckling; defective."
    Type 5: "There's a gulf/separation between my mind and the physical world around me."
    Type 6: "the world is a dangerous place. i will be mistreated, duped or harmed in some way." (R & H misconceives this as an eight)
    Type 7: "God is against me. I am against God."
    Type 8: "Might makes right."
    Type 9: This point on the enneagram has no in-built distortion; the core approach is vacillation
    Type 1: "somebody must be punished for the world's imperfections and flaws."

    My fuller piecemeal descritpions can be found in the enneagram subforum. They are better than R & H's longer descriptions because R & H entangles multiple ttypes into single types and represents every type as driven by fear. Theoretically every type in R & H is a six. Stackemup Typology approaches types from the standpoint of distortions. My approach took off like new york hotcakes and now essentially has taken over the mainstream of typology...although R & H lightly touches on worldviews they clearly embrace fear as the core driver of each enneagram type. fear of success (threes) fear of losing support (six) fear of, fear of....that's all bullshit because that makes every type in R & H a six. Naranjo wrongly derives the types from the passions/vices. I turn R & H on its head. Fear in six derives from the core distortion that "The world is a dangerous place." The passion of lust derives from the core distortion that "might makes right." Stop spreading misinformation with your "world is a dangerous place" as the core distortion of type 8...tYOU CANNOT HAVE TWO DIFFERENT PERSONALITY STYLES WITH THE SAME CORE DISTORTION. Unfortunately many sixes mistype as eight when they read r & h's "fear of being harmed/controlled" listed in their descriptions. PUT IT THIS WAY The distortions approach comes from Stackemup Typology (enneagram-side). TAKE NOTICE that I get all the POWER for it at the end of the day....everybody needs to know and remember I"m the motherfuckin' maverick who brought that shit to the mainstream and pushed all in with the only valid breakdown for every type wing and stack empirically proven with 2500+ exemplars soon to be 3000+! By valid is meant structurally/logically/conceptually flawless! Don't forget the midnight oil i burnt ushering in the new era of typology with a vision for every type wing and stack,the era of Stackemup Typology. Remember there are three fundamentally approaches to the enneagram with respect to how the types/personality styles derive:

    Stackemup Typology: Distortions
    R & H: Fear
    Naranjo: Passions/vices

    There are the three competing schools of thought.

    Stackemup Typology sees types as nature, not nurture. R & H sees types as nurture. Stackemup Typology just recognizes nurture behaviors as adaptations or overpersonas that still don't change your fundamental nature.

    My approach is clearly the correct one. Just to drive the point home I can back my shit up with a 2500+ exemplars breakdown. Neither R & H or Naranjo can back their shit up with any type of systematic breakdown for every type wing and stack. Fuck they done shit with stackings, i've got the only valid VI typing model for all stackings. Nobody can touch me right now. I dominate R & H and Naranjo, they beat me in sales and mainstream marketing bullshit, I destroys them in substance...Stackemup Typology (enneagram-side) is the only enneagram superpower!
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