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    Hello everyone, I'm adastra. Only heard about MBTI so far. Been scoring as an INTJ but I don't relate with the cold rude robot stereotype. Socionics theory caught my eye because it considers every function. You have all the qualities but they're ordered differently in your functional stack.

    Is this forum active? I see a lot of people online reading
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    Myers-Briggs Stereotypes:

    INTP: 40-Year-Old Virgin
    INTJ: Cartoon Villain Mastermind
    ENTP: Inventor
    ENTJ: Wolf of Wall Street and Anarcho-Capitalist

    Socionics Stereotypes:

    LII: Research Analyst, Mastermind (Robespierre)
    ILI: The Philosopher (St. John Henry Newman)
    ILE: The Inventor (Leonardo Da Vinci)
    LIE: Explorer, Prototyper (Jack London)

    Interestingly they got one right.
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