Would love to hear anybody's examples of how these two functions came together either in the short or long term.

A short term example would be when I noticed my neighbors a few houses done was throwing all his cigarettes butts all over. I didn't know him but I was determined to figure out how to get them all cleaned up because I didn't like looking at them and thought it was rude he did this. I thought about approaching him and explaining in a cordial tone that it wasn't appropriate, I thought about just cleaning it up my self.

I then thought well I could both indirectly talk to him, help him AND fix the problem in a very easy manner.

So I got an old coffee can, wrote a note that said Cigarette Butts, placed it right outside his door and put a few scoops full of butts in it.

I walked back to my condo where I sat outside on the deck and when he came out for his next cigarrette, he immediately cleaned them all up and stopped throwing them all over after that.

This was an incredible moment that reminded me that NI in conjunction with SE can be used for short term use not just long term use.