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Thread: Socionics and Marxism

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    Default Socionics and Marxism

    1. Which quadras are the proletariat, aristocrats, bourgeoisie, and bildingsbürgertum? It seems: Alpha aristocrats, Beta bourgeoisie, Gamma bildungsbürgertum, and Delta proletariat, and Delta will inherit the Earth. Salty @Sol is an LSE Soviet, so is Thomas Mann LIE?

    2. Which are the average income of each type before the Marxist revolution? I believe LIE is all the tech giants.

    3. Which types will bear the most responsibility afterwards? Obviously, LSE and EII shall rule the Earth.

    4. What is socionics? A way to artificially preserve social relations in Marxist societies.

    5. Who does socionics in Mother Russia? Everyone.

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    If I was a socialist or fascist dictator I would arrange people and their jobs in accordance with socionics. State mandated duals for everyone.
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