Since everyone here loves Raver, I've been beginning to believe postmodernism, at least the current mass movement we have now, might have been created by some branch of the US government. I don't consider poststructuralism and postmodernism even close to equivalent, for the record. I think US colleges might be spreading actual propaganda, though "might" is might and is not "they definitely are." The fact is, very few people who know anything are avowed postmodernists, and when I've read academic papers from the entirety of the post-WWII period, people keep changing the names of the demarcations of different artistic periods repeatedly as well as making up various names and then nearly entirely forgetting them. I've heard you can't discern history while you're still in it, so why is there such a big push to do so right now, especially in the apparent absence of any actual major organized cultural movements whatsoever?