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Thread: Clash of the Models: A vs G

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    Default Clash of the Models: A vs G

    A vs. G: Clash of the Models, with Ben Vaserlan live in under 5 hours. Prepare for a Socionics showdown!
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    There is no real clash. Reality is what it is and people should always understand approximate nature of our understanding as anything else would be denial. I think it is entirely possible to synthesize those two.
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    Socionics is Jung + Augustinavichiute. and not more, until will get an experimental proof
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    Some general commentary, not very edited.

    Model A to G

    Horizontal slice = Static-Dynamic cut (conscious/unconscious) vs Externalities/Internalities E/I cut (distant/close)
    Vertical Slice = Asymmetric, diagonal cut

    Max = Identity
    Opt = Benefactor
    Min = Super-ego
    Pes = Benefit

    Vertical blocking characteristics
    Mental Valued Strong -> Vital Evaluatory Contact -> Mental Unvalued Weak -> Vital situational Inert

    Max/Min are Heterogenous blocks (Inert+Contact, Situation+Evaluatory)
    Opt/Pes are Homogenous blocks (Inert or Contact, Situational or Evaluatory)

    In model g Energy is a function of our conscious strong/weak functions and our contact/inert unconscious functions

    Why ego energy is strongest, Mental, Strong, Valued
    Why vital evaluatory contact functions have high energy (strongest function is unvalued, weakest function is valued)
    Why super ego energy is weaker but still conscious, Mental, Weak, Unvalued
    Why vital situation inert functions have low energy

    Why not supervision
    Unconscious delegation vs Conscious delegation of cross quadra messages
    In response to this blogpost

    Another way to find some Symmetry in the blocking in Model G is to shift the bottom row 1 space to the left or right, blocking is staggered to make the function N/T/S/F would line up vertically.

    Staggered blocking to right by one, this would be functional line up
    Ne Te Se Fe -> Ne
    Ni -> Ti Si Fi Ni

    Staggering block to the left by one and the duality pairs line up. This is benefit ring in a nutshell.
    Ne Te Se Fe Ne
    Si Fi Ni Ti Si

    Energy would be diagonal cuts with this staggered lineup. From the point of the socion there would be a evolutionary advantage to drive society thru pushing information across quadras as efficiently as possible. Which is what I think Gulenko is noting.

    One core function dichotomy socionics is Mental/Vital which is delineated by Static/Dynamic, aka conscious/unconscious As the TIM is not a holistic construct of the mind but a part of it which interacts with other parts. The interaction between the mental and other systems and the interaction between the vital and other system are unknown and undefined. From Gulenko's model there are certainly different functional dichotomies that define the differences between the blocks of Mental vs Vital in model G. Consequently there may be very different systems that interact with our mental and vital processes which is being observed in Gulenko's experiments, and in fact there are two different systems being conflated with together into into a single energy system.
    Model A analysis of Model G arises two different systems which interact to create the energy model, one which interacts with the mental and one with the vital. Also that information passes between the mental and the vital, and whatever other systems the mental and vital interacts with, creating the energy differentials.

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    My thoughts post-debate.
    I had an hour's nap but I really should get back to sleep. I'll read any replies later.
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