I've been getting into Warhammer Lore lately after getting sucked into Total War Warhammer 2 and it seems several of the factions embody enneagram types quite well. So without further due here's some warhammer enneagram representations.

E1- Bretonnia

Knights who live on strict code based on justice.

E2- High Elves

Noble and compassionate elves, possessing immense pride of themselves.

E3- Vampire Counts

Ambitious and self-centered, keen on using deception against enemies.

E4- Dark Elves

Sadistic and melancholic, regularly performing enigmatic rituals.

E5- Skaven

Skitzy underground dwellers, know for their inventions and cunning.

E6- The Empire

The empire, formed to protect man from the many dangers of the world.

E7- Greenskins/Orcs

Reckless and simple, always looking for a good fight to enjoy.

E8- Norsca/Warriors of Chaos

Fearsome warriors, aiming to conquer and dominate the weak.

E9- Wood Elves

Peace seekers, guarding the forest and the harmony it provides.