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Thread: Introducing myself after two years on this forum!

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    Default Introducing myself after two years on this forum!

    Hello everyone,

    After creating an account two years ago, I've finally decided to officially introduce myself. So here is a little presentation .

    Who I am:
    I'm Maxime, I'm 25 and I work as a technical writer. I am French, therefore I might write sentences that are not formulated properly or simply not understandable. If this happens, do not hesitate to ask for clarifications.

    Why I am here:
    I intend to start participating and contributing to posts on this forum whenever I can, so I thought "why not drop a hello before?".
    Disclaimer: although I've discovered about socionics two years ago and love reading about it (litteraly everyday), I consider myself to be far from an expert. Besides, I am still not completely sure about my type. I might post in the "What's my type" thread later, but I think that would be interesting to interact with you a little bit beforehand.

    What is my type:
    As said previously, I am not sure about my type, but I currently see myself as ILI. Indeed, I relate a lot to the ILI descriptions and notably having Ni-Te as my ego block.
    I spend most of my time in my head and tend to be quite sarcastic and deadpan. I am oftenly seen as cold and insensitive, even if I'm not.
    However, I'm not quite sure about the 'Se-seeking' and 'victim' things. So that makes me consider LII-Ne as well. ESI is another possibility.
    Actually, I have been considering a lot of other types during those two years and I am definitely open to any opinion on that subject.
    I know duality is a good way to tell types appart, but in my case I think there is potential for duality and conflict with both ESEs and SEEs. Both types can be great, but they can also be annoying in different ways (like any other type!).
    Also, I do relate to the Gamma and Alpha quadras, although being "opposites".

    On a final note, I hope I will get to contribute to this forum and interact with members of this forum, see you soon .
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