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Thread: Effect of consumables on IM's

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    Default Effect of consumables on IM's

    The following consumables tend to boost the following functions:

    +Se pork, tobacco, oily fish, salt
    +Ne tobacco
    -Si rice, water
    -Fi/+Fe vegetables
    -Ti/+Te spinach, coffee
    +Si wheat, chicken, coffee, white fish, turkey, seafood, sugar
    -Se beef
    +Fi chocolate, tobacco

    I want to mention that for -Si/+Se (Serious) types (gammas and deltas) water is extremely important (it is even stated in the text The Laws of Manu, and ancient Vedic text describing various rules for proper living) They're not likely to survive in an environment where water is increasingly polluted. Saturated fat is also important for these types. Serious (Fi-Te) seem to be made of unsaturated fat, and require saturated fat to function. Merry types (Ti-Fe) seem to be made up of saturated fat and require unsaturated fat (i.e. oil) to function. The exception is that -Si types seem to also require the fatty oils from oily fish which are (in theory) unsaturated. It might be that they are used to regulate excess saturated fat (If I'm not mistaken that the presumed use they have in theory).

    Salt is also very important for -Si types.

    There are foods that appeal to -Si types (and should eat) and foods that appeal to +Si types.
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