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Thread: Can you guess K's type?

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    Lightbulb Can you guess K's type?

    Here it goes

    Me:You are a little robot
    K:Robot? I didn't understand!
    Me: Don't worry. It's nothing important
    K:Why did you say that? Do you think I am alienated or that I standardize everything?
    Me: I think more of the standardize thing. Did someone ever call you alienated before? I don't need to answer if you don't want
    K:hahah nop. At least not to me. So, at what I am standardizing? I have Always considered myself unorganized.
    Me: I know..I had a conversation with a friend that seemed like this one with a friend [describe the conversation]
    K: I asked you for me to explain, but forget about it.
    Me: I will explain..
    K: My second name is sleep.
    Me: I know
    K: Respect me!
    Me: I'm sorry
    Me: So, I was observing a picture of you and a girlfriend of yours. [Further explanation].. How do you get along? Are you alike?
    K: hahah This is an unfamiliar question...We just end up understanding each other. Normal..
    Mek. I was about to disturb you but I need to leave now. Bye.
    K: haha You can say, no problem. I'm on a bus. Bye
    Me: So, based on what you have told me, I can conclude that there's nothing special in your friendship with her. It's just a normal friendship..Just like people from a club.
    K: hahaha Nowadays we have a sister-like friendship. We have been through a lot to be just a "normal" friendship.
    Me: Oh, I'm impressed. You two are too diferente, but as you have told, your experience has helped you bond together. I understand
    K: No, we actually have a lot in common..It's something like this
    Me: Yeah..Except that she can't stop talking
    K: I talk too
    Me: You talk a lot too?
    K: Yeah
    Me: Hmm. That may be because you two are very sociable. It's interesting how you two are interested in other people in general. You both are always visiting someone
    K: I never realized that. Understanding is good
    K: So, how's your trip?
    Me: I'm home now. A lot has happened, but I couldn't share. I lost my cellphone on the day of the trip. But [I told how everyone laughed at my speech in a wedding]
    Kh, that's good, [Nickname]. I hope you have enjoyed your time there. But was this good or bad?
    Me: That was good haha But everyone started suffocating me after that.
    K: You see? That was in English, right?
    Me: Yeah
    K: I think they just wanted to be receptive, really
    Me: My mom Always said Thank you, and Nice to meet you to everyone
    K: She memorized that? kkkk
    Me:Yeah, but some people spoke Spanish too
    K:That was na international conference, it seems. So when are you coming back to [Her state]?
    Me:In August. What are you doing now?
    K: I went to make my lunch.
    Me:[Recommend to take a MBTI test]
    K: [Tells me the result]
    Me: So, I think you have the same personality as Ariel [from Disney]
    K:The character? You think so?
    Me:You have no idea..There's a whole community that only talks about this. Thanks for sharing your result.
    K: I like tests like this. What was yours?
    Me: [I tell the result]
    K: I didn't see any job recommendation. In fact, it let things loose
    Me: Yeah, but there are many websites that are based on this tests. You can check that
    K: [Looks for a type description]..I found myself in one of those descriptions kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk [<-- this is a brazillian indication of laughter]
    Me: There are many sites, but they're in English
    K: No problem. I'll spy them later
    Me: You think Neymar is innocent or guilty?
    K: hahahahaha I have no opinion about it
    Me: My Family is talking about it now
    K: hahaha People have nothing else to talk
    Me: Have you seen Alice in Wonderland?
    K: Yeah. I'm not fan of that movie
    Me: It's not your style..So what is your favorite movie?
    K: I'm a superfan of movies, so I don't have a single answer. haha
    But I like romantic comedies in general, super heroes, Marvel
    Me: I don't even know the difference between Marvel and DC
    K: I like police, terror
    Me:Now I'm curious. What's your type of music?
    K: Worship, Brazillian popular music, Pop..
    Me: Don't you like Forro?
    K: Only to dance
    Me: Even when you were young?
    K:That wasn't too focused haha
    Me: haha I love these odd phrases that you put haha I was waiting for this one
    K: I didn't understand.But ok..
    Me: That's because sometimes you write with a funny structure and weird semantics. I think you interpret reality in a way too diferente from mine, and even the meaning of words themselves. Didn't anyone ever tell you about it? It may be incovenient, but You should have said "That wasn't too relevant" Understand?
    K:"I didn't focus on that". But I get what you said
    Me: What do you think about a man singing this song: [show song]
    K:No problem haha It's just a matter of adapting your voice. I'm so happy that you sent this song. It's been a long time since I last heard it. I find it so beautiful.. But yeah, It is just a matter of adapting the pitch
    Me: That's true
    K: Do you have WhatsApp?
    Me: Yeah. I'll give it
    K: So you're coming next week, right? When you come back, make a surprise to everyone!
    Me: [give my number] What do you mean by surprise? I'm coming back on tuesday
    K: I thought not everyone new about it. So, it's the first week of [Month]
    Me: But nobody knows, I think. Did you add me?
    K: Added
    Me: Someday you will come home and I will be there watching TV. That will be the surprise!
    K: What? I didn't understand
    Me: haha Forget about it. My father wants to live in [Another city]. I was just told that
    K:Is this good or bad?
    Me:This is good, but I won't be there anymore..
    Me:Maybe I sped some time there, until my father finds an apartment
    K: yeah, I understand.
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