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Thread: IEI/INFp-emotional expression in relationships

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    Default IEI/INFp-emotional expression in relationships

    So I, a male IEI, was in a relationship with an IEI female and she complained I didn't tell her how I feel enough. I don't know if this has anything to do with socionics or more individual needs. Her love language was words of affirmation, that much I do know. I've never been very expressive in the romantic sense despite being a IEI myself. I would say I'm plenty capable of feeling "deeply" but it can be hard to express these emotions and they can lead to overwhelm and anxiety due to opening oneself up. I don't like to overly sugar coat my emotions, lest I get carried away by foolish passion (or in another sense-lying). I hesitate to open myself up when I think others are being overly dramatic or I don't 100% trust them. I've been burned before and this passion has led me act foolishly. Am I more like a ILI? Subtype wise I lean more towards the N subtype IEI but nothing super solid. Mostly I think I express myself through my actions, facial expressions and what I don't say. I could never be the cheesy studs on the bachelor. I felt like this is what my partner wanted more or less. I didn't have a good example database of what they really liked and felt like I was guessing to an extent and risking walking on eggshells a lot. Emotionally I feel like I'm fairly passive and like to reciprocate from others leads based on how they feel. I can see how this could be part of the strain of two IEI together. With both being victim types it requires initiative in ones attraction that's more difficult for each partner right?

    Do other male IEI relate to this or female IEI relate to needing or wanting partners feelings? Reading up on victims romantic style being unsure of their feelings relates to me on this issue. I always want to be genuine and don't know if I could give myself so much over to the passionate side of things.

    Also...I think the Se dual seeking probably led them to a stronger status male; more chad like and providerly aka some sort of ST. I should have gone to the military lol. At least that way I'd have a job that pays better and better social status...Because I detest academia.
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    The emotional expression of IEIs goes for 99.99% through non-verbal means, and as such can have very strong impact. If there is one type who can give the (false) impression that they like you very much by infecting you with their emotions, it's IEI. But there is a catch: that one feels good when interacting with an IEI, does not necessarily mean the IEI likes you, they have only infected you with emotions. I describe the difference between Fi and Fi in this blog post:

    So reading your post, I get the feeling the issue at hand is about Fi, not Fe. Are you sure you and/or the girl are IEIs?
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