Hi, did anybody see a new film "Lady out/from the water"?

Great film. The main actress is so obviously ENTJ and reminds me Julia Roberts - she could be also ENTJ. The film is very wise IMO even though it sounds like a fairy tale. It is related to socionics as they identify people with their roles like guardian, interpreter, analyst, healer. They talk about a group of people who suppose to come together for magic to happen like: the person who has not got sectrets and the person whose opinion is respected. This film could be and adverticement for socionics .

I am a bit confused though about the main actor. To start with he was assumend to be a guardian but then he turned out to be a healer as he did not have power to stop the monster but to heal the soul and wounds. What type could he be associated with? May be mediator? He did though behaved very much in accordance with a Guardian type. But then again Guardian and Mediator are similar. Mediator is more reasonable and softer I guess and Guardian can go over the top from time to time.