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    Arrow Aptitude Tests & Functions

    What is your type & how does that compare with any Aptitude Tests you have taken?

    An excellent series of such tests is found in this book here. These are neat because they measure innate intelligences instead of educational attainment.

    Here is what I got as an SEI.

    A Logic (perfect score)
    A Verbal reasoning
    A Perceptual (Symbolic Progressive) reasoning
    D Mechanical reasoning
    B (Deductive) Analytical reasoning
    C Coding ability (rapidly substituting symbols in transcription)
    A Acuity
    A Spatial skills
    A Numerical reasoning
    A Complex reasoning (sorting thru assorted info in a problem)

    Makes you wonder if it is common for duals to score high in similar skills to understand each other but PREFER different subsets? Or perhaps there is no correlation at all between type and aptitudes? One can have an aptitude and not necessarily be motivated to do it.
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