External attributes

ESFJ it is possible to define on features of appearance, but thus it is necessary to pay attention to its gait and movements. Details of the person at ESFJ usually fine, but proportional. On behalf of any tendency upwards, an impulse is often appreciable. Bearing ESFJ always a straight line. A figure more often thin, tightened. Completeness meets very seldom. At men of this type excessive completeness us did not meet never. In any case of a proportion of a figure are extended upwards. Gait ESFJ is very characteristic. It allows to assume, that the person concerns to the given type. It always fast, very fussy. Such mobility is especially inherent in men. The impression of restlessness is made. At the strengthened touch component it is much less expressed. For ESFJ sharp change of a look is characteristic also. Especially well it is appreciable at an ethical subtype. A lot of attention ESFJ gives the clothes. On selection of subjects of a toilet well noticeably, that it aspires to put on with taste, harmoniously. Colours of clothes are picked usually up in tone. There are no sharply allocated details. For women of this type the love to a various sort to the ornaments not necessarily dear is characteristic. They always are in harmony with external shape. In whole its fashion gravitates to decorative effect. In selection of clothes ESFJ always are guided by own taste. Puts on not that fashionably, and that to it to the person. Watches also observing a functional accessory of clothes: in theatre a-evening dress, for rest — sports style. Disproportions in clothes testify that the person belongs to another социотипу.

Manner of dialogue

The most characteristic feature of a manner of dialogue ESFJ. Very much loves about something emotionally, with details to tell. One of favourite themes of conversations — art. It is inclined to state plots of films, performances and books. On the films which have liked to it or performances goes on some times. In dialogue this is easily defined on display of negative emotions. Periodically is indignant, and it is frequent in a fine occasion. Quickly flashes, but also quickly calms down. It is impossible to explain display of emotions external logic: of any detail can make a drama, but not notice thus almost direct insult. In conversation the big attention gives questions of ethics, good breeding. Likes to give ethical estimations, to assort, who has acted well and who is bad. Watches that norms of politeness were observed. If people do not observe ethical standards, presses on them negative emotions. Because of it can consider scandalous, unaccommodating. It is hard to converge with it close. For the majority of people it is too exacting and rectilinear. The explanations states in detail, on some times, asking again the interlocutor, whether it has understood. By it can offend the listener who can think, that it consider confused. Likes to tell about the communications, acquaintances. Easily them gets, owing to the sociability and a friendly spirit to the interlocutor. At continuous communications demands from people of unselfishness.

Features of behaviour

In behaviour it is rather demonstrative. When it is necessary for something to achieve, so gets used to the role, that itself starts to trust in it. Though does much on pure enthusiasm, but in affairs it is usually resourceful and practical. Not begins to buy if only something, tries to buy the best. It is easy for learning on following feature of behaviour. From all types of the person it is inclined most of all to going back to shop and to demand replacement of the defective goods or the refund. The master of a composition of things. Is able to create a cosiness it would seem from anything. Things can be old, but necessarily sound. Strictly watches over health and the state of health and the relatives. Having visited the doctor, necessarily wishes to learn the diagnosis that most to define methods of treatment. Adores, that to it helped, something did in the house by hands. The result, and the fact is important not, that to it help. One more feature allowing with the big degree of confidence to define these improbable hospitality. Always tries to surprise the visitor something unusual — "to show off". Gravitates to feasts and entertainments, thus quite often happens it is persuasive. Useless waste of energy is shown almost in all affairs. Eternally hurries up, somewhere runs, pays visits. It is constantly overloaded by affairs, it is possible to refuse many of which. Criticism on this account transfers badly, takes offence.


Enthusiast is terminal (ethical) (acclaimer)

It is very expressive, it is to difficult maintain its emotional pressure. It possesses high fitness for work; however, the accretion of feelings prevents it from being design. It is strongly it is scattered it jumps from one matter to another. In the contact is straight-line, neposredstven, it is characterized by explosive choleric temperament. Outwardly - the desire to draw the attention of the representative of opposite floor by the bright clothing, in which can be present the element of demonstrativeness.

Enthusiast is initial (sensory) (entertainer)

Aesthete, loves and to himself, and to those surrounding to provide pleasure, to give gifts. A good owner in the house - knows how to be arranged even with the minimum of conveniences. Man of business, can be lucky manager in the sphere of leisure and entertainments. Women of this type bind well, sew, know how to be charming, possess a good taste in color matching clothing. Behavior nedemonstrativno. It very badly transfers pain and unimportant health.