Your strength is analytical mind, structural thinking, skill to catch law of any phenomenon. You are adjusted on objectivity and validity, at an estimation of people are guided by their contribution to a common cause, instead of personal sympathies. In business in which you are engaged, always allocate the main thing, rejecting superfluous, insignificant details. You also are able to state strictly logically a material, to inform the basic idea up to listeners.

Having analysed idea, having established its importance and perspectivity, you become its active supporter. Your creative intuition feeds it constantly all with new and new flashes.

You are allocated also by ability of care with concrete people. You are able to notice the person in business and to help to open its abilities, to install belief in own forces.

The basic problem of your life is an inability actively to defend the interests and weak confidence of concrete vital affairs. Indecision is peculiar to you, you do not have instant reaction to change of a situation. … can damage to you. Try to show more safely the rights if you are assured of their validity.

Borrow in those kinds of sports which develop resoluteness and speed of reaction, — tennis, mountain skiing and boxing. Necessarily alternate brainwork with physical. Exercises are recommended for concentration of attention, and also employment which develop this quality, for example gathering of mushrooms, berries, fishing to you. You require encouragement of the undertakings. In your environment people and optimistically adjusted which from time to time would push you should be resolute, helped to overcome pessimism and disbelief in the forces.

Other your problem — inability to communicate with the people, a far psychological distance which is perceived surrounding as dryness, callousness, estrangement. Sometimes you deliberately doom yourselves to loneliness. Not be gloomy and gloomy. Smile is more often, be affable, but do not come too far — to you difficultly to give up to people. Cautiously choose a circle of contacts necessary for you to avoid over-fatigue and ethical problems unnecessary you. Try to not lose the adjusted emotional communications. You can help much the judiciousness and understanding. Consider, what not everyone can as successfully to analyze events and to abstract from emotions, as you.

Try to bring up in itself norms of the standard ethics and follow them daily. Reckon with interests of other people. Try to penetrate more deeply into problems of everyone if want that they cooperated with you. Remember, that the person is offended with the superficial, inattentive attitude to it.