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Thread: Am I an ESTP with a strong S side, or an ENTP with strong N?

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    Default Am I an ESTP with a strong S side, or an ENTP with strong N?

    Hi!! I've tested as ESTP for as long as I can remember. Someone gave me an emotional I.Q. book a long time ago and since then I've put in a lot of effort into making people not so uncomfortable around me (being mindful, etc.).

    Is it possible to change to ENTP in later life? I read somewhere that as an ESTP, I am in the age range where my N side is developing for the next 8 years. Is that possible?

    Am I an ESTP with a strong N side? [/b]

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    No, its not possible to become an ENTP. If you are an ESTP, then Ne would conflict with your dominant function ("Unshakable Foundation"). You can develope your Intuition, but this would best be done as Ni. It would be too difficult to try and fight your dominant function. You would be an ESTP with strong Ni, but you can't change your type.

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    I agree with you guys.

    At work I work with two ESFPís and an ESFJ. Weíre definitely the corks bobbing on the water and the easy going ones. When I tell people that Iím ESTP they go, ďbut youíre not obnoxiousĒ. Thatís a misconception that people have about ESTPís. Iíve read that my type ďwaits in the wingsĒ which is true. Iím very talkative with people and have no shame sharing alot information and sometimes wonder why others donít do the same. Unlike the ENTP, I donít have problems with authority, I just donít see it. I snow ski and in the past Iíve tried surfing (didnít like it), water skiing (had fun but now Iím concerned about sun exposure), white river rafting, and ocean kayaking and have contemplated sky divingÖbut I have a thing with heights. Iím very competitive but Iím not an a%% about it and I can sell myself and ideas. In the company, they send me out to get a yes on something. I do watch people closely, thatís why some think Iím quiet and I read people very well based on their facial expressions and tone of their speech. And Iím usually right. In a meeting, Iíll only speak up if something concerns me and like the strategist, I wait till everyone has their say, then I pounceÖbut in a good way. When I was in school (majored in electrical engineering), it was hard to pay attention most of the time during lecture because ESTPís are likely to float away and daydream and return only when there is something to do hands on or someone is telling a story. In addition, I have a lot of friends, friends as in people that I do things with and talk to all the time.

    On the ENTP side, I am an optimist and I do have very little patience with people, but with practice Iíve been better. I bond very quickly with most people.

    So, I agree with Herzblut that yes, I have made an effort to be ďconscientiousĒ about stepping on other peopleís feelings and people would be shocked to know that while Iím smiling sincerely at you, I really think youíre an a%%. And like Herzblut, I do gain peopleís trust very quickly.

    On the bad side, being an ESTP, I used to be really good at starting things but bad at finishing them, Iíve worked on this as well. I also know that Iím an ESTP because I read that when Iím under stress, I revert to the dark side of the INFJ which is my shadow. I take time out to be alone and re-strategize. Itís not a bad thing.

    At heart, I know Iím an ESTP and Iím glad to know that yes, I am developing the N side of me. I just thought I might be becoming an ENTP.

    Thanks Herzblut and Rocky!!

    Oh!!! On another note. A lot of actors in Hollywood are IN or IS types and their perception of ESTPís is very off. Like Tom Green? Heís no ESTP. Heís a dork. And the conversation about Angelina Jolie? Iím sorry, but other ES women I know arenít moodyÖin real life, sheís moody.

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    Actually this fits in well with my model. See:

    For an ESTp the model is as follows:

    Strong conscious S
    Mid concious T + N
    Weak conscious F

    Your N has mid range presence in the mind but not as strong as your S.

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    Default I've read that the shadow of the ESTP is the INFJ's bad side

    Authority. No problem with it.

    Power. I have a problem with people who are given an inch and take a mile. I work with an ISTJ who isn't a people person and thinks bossing people around is being a leader. Wrong attitude to take with me. I enjoy working with people that have manners, that's all I ask.

    As far as moodiness. I've read that when the ESTP is under a lot of stress, they exhibit the dark side of the INTJ which is their shadow.

    "Under extreme stress, fatigue or illness, the ESTP's shadow may appear - a negative form of INFJ. Example characteristics are:

    1. going quiet or withdrawing from people
    2. having a gloomy view of the future
    3. having intense negative feelings towards others, which may be openly expressed
    4. ceasing to adapt to changing circumstances
    The shadow is part of the unconscious that is often visible to others, onto whom the shadow is projected. The ESTP may therefore readily see these faults in others without recognising it in him/her self. "

    Under extreme stress situations I have no control over, like...losing the best boss I ever had and gaining an idiot, I've exhibited Numbers 1 and 3 (3, I usually think it, I dont say it). But if I'm going through relationship stress that 's when I call my friends and family because losing a relationship is something I have a say in.

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    Default Estp

    As for myself, I think the authority thing is due to our love of challenge and the fact that some laws are not logical. Estp's are logical people, very logical. If it doesn't make sense we have no use for it, therefore stupid laws we tend not to follow, but it is also due to the challenge of seeing the limits of the boundries for which we can push. Personally, at this age I have very little problems with authorities that is not to say I play by the rules though. It all depends if the benefits are sufficient enough for the risk. We constantly seek instant gratification, we like seeing immeadiate result, I like cleaning my room because I can see progress as I go along. I dislike school because I have been enrolled since fall 2003 and have yet to see progress other than credits. That's kind of how it works. As for what most of the descriptions say about the "small non-verbal ques" I do not see how everyone doesn't see these. If you reach out for someone and they back away it is quite obvious how they feel towards you. I will say I am very observant though and I can remember things from years ago like it was yesterday, so pretty much the descriptions are on point. I get moody but only when I am pushed to that point and even then that's hard to do, I do not think most estp's just walk around pissed off.

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