He's a friend of my husband - another guy he races with. This guy isn't as into racing as my husband and his ENTp friend, but he does like it. He is a carpenter by trade. He says he likes to do rough carpentry but dosen't particularly like finish work. He's quiet and lets off an ISFp vibe in a way which makes me think that's what he could be. He has a little laugh that comes out all the time and he looks down at his feet and shuffles his feet when he gets uncomfortable. He's really nice.

He's very devoted to people and reliable. His ex-wife had a daughter before they got married, and he still helps to financially support her even though he's not legally related and has never had any legal obligation, and doesn't get along with his ex-wife anymore. He just wants to help the girl out because he's afraid she won't have everything she needs. This isn't something he's talked about, and he doesn't talk about obligations or anything like that. He's very non-assuming. But a mutual friend was telling me about some things he bought for the ex-wife's daughter because she needed them, and said he does it all the time.

He just got re-married recently. His new wife is a bit annoying IMO. She reminds me of someone who was popular in high school and never moved on. She jokes a lot but she takes herself very seriously and doesn't handle anyone giving the same types of jokes back to her. She seems very focused on fashion and having the right clothing and what-not. She's really irresponsible - like before she married my husband's friend, she declared bankruptsy and then right away bought a new car. If she didn't have money to pay off her debts, she shouldn't have bought a new car IMO. Her old car was working fine, she said she wanted to buy a new car as like a reward for making it through bankruptsy. Crazy.