Biography(i'm going to use the quotes because his actual biography is a long list of collaborators):

"I'm primarily interested in making what I do inviting and fun. I'm not trying to impress people with how good I can play the drums or displaying my virtuosity as my main thing."
- Joey Baron to Gino Robair, Pulse, August 1994

"If I had to describe my sound, I'd call it loose and slow, the way Southerners are slow. And soulful, hopefully. What stirs me is some sort of soulful move * hearing a singer sing a phrase that's just - pow! -* and trying to get that kind of emotion out of the drums."
- Joey to Musician May 1992

"I think a trade-mark of my style involves my getting a lot from a minimal arsenal of equipment. I just have hi-hats, a ride, a crash, a sizzle and a four piece kit... Number one, what I want to do is play music that is fun, that invites people in. If a person walked off the street into a performance of mine, he or she wouldn't need to understand the history of music to enjoy it. That's my job."
- Joey to Modern Drummer July 1996

His approach is always simple--this makes him not only interesting in the world of modern jazz music, but also creates profound originality. He's really fun loving, and a pleasure to watch. I can't really say much more. Look at his pictures and sample his music. He's said to always be smiling, and creating a positive atmosphere when he plays.


Samples of his music:
This is a really great sample of his off the wall, but musical playing. Also, you probaby won't hear anyone play jazz-influenced blues music like this(it's also conveniently only a minute long):

I'm going to try to find my really experimental recording of joey baron with bill frisell. This will give you a better idea of the uniqueness of his playing.

Anyway, enjoy.