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Thread: Efim Krivosheev’s lectures on children's types

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    Default Efim Krivosheev’s lectures on children's types

    The info is Efim Krivosheev’s lectures, but the copyright belongs to somebody else.

    This was supposed to be a 5-column table (((: I'll finish it when I have enough patience for all that calculating...

    Irrational_____________Rational_____________Intuit ive _____________Intuitive
    sensorics____________sensorics______________ethics ______________logics

    1) How others see him/her

    Lively,________________ Obedient,_____________Sympathetic,___________Indep endent,
    energetic,______________attentive,_____________soc iable,______________complicated,
    active_________________obliging_______________sens itive______________inquisitive

    2) Favourite activities

    outdoor games, __________Making objects_________Intercourse, __________Studying the world
    manipulation with ________with his/her ___________dreaming_____________around him/her,
    objects_________________own hands_________________________________collecting

    3)Attitude towards toys

    Careless, _____________ Tidy, uses___________Invents new______________Tries to
    abandons for __________ according to_________abilities and_______________understand their
    new ones______________ their function________characteristics____________constru ction and
    __________________________________________________ _____________functions, after
    __________________________________________________ _____________understanding loses
    __________________________________________________ _____________interest

    4)Most possible problems

    Overexcitation, ________Sensivity to__________Vulnerable, dreamy,_________Unsteady self-appraisal,
    chaotic in his __________changes, unflexibility,__exposed to negative_________loneliness, problems
    hobbies, _____________hardship in accepting___emotions, quick-tempered____in communication
    disobedience __________parents’ love_________and thaws easily

    5)Responce to punishment

    Pays no _____________ Tries to improve_____ Shrinks into_____________ Refusal and
    attention to__________ his behaviour________ his shell or______________ agression
    _______________________________________ does nothing

    6)The most important thing for development

    7)How the teacher sees him

    8)Relations with classmates

    9)Attitude towards teacher

    10)Attitude towards notes

    11)Ways of gaining knowledge

    12)Favourite subjects

    13)The best way of communication

    14)The best way of teaching

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    I smell Kiersey.

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