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Thread: A procedure for typing

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    Default A procedure for typing

    This guy Tim in St. Petersburg has this procedure for typing.

    You can check out my not so good translation here.
    I did it a while ago but I just don’t have the time for it now.
    A lot of this stuff is just machine translated.
    Although I did hand correct the logic and ethics, introversion and extroversion pages, rationality and irrationality - as I had a little help with it.

    But I never finished the sensing and intuition page as I got stuck on it.

    And with a procedure it is more consistent I think.
    I think he combines the visuall method with a series of written answers to questions.

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    He also has subtype categories
    Intuitive Logical
    Intuitive Ethical
    Sensory Logical
    Sensory Ethical

    I am unsure exactly how this works.

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