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Thread: Socionics questions about subtypes and long-range/short-range functions

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    Default Socionics questions about subtypes and long-range/short-range functions

    1. Ok what are subtypes? I keep hearing people talk about this but I cant seem to find any info on the subject. Can anyone give me a brief definition of the subtypes? Can anyone post some links with information on subtypes?

    2. I also keep hearing about short range vs long range functions, can anyone give me definitions of what it means exactly? And any links with info on the subject?

    Thanks in advance. Any help would aprreciated
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    +/- can be found here.


    A type that has a strong functional preference that may or may not be in keeping with the structure of said type.

    Ex. An subtype of the INTJ would be more like an xNTP than a typical INTJ this would manifest in being less organized etc etc.

    The subtype translations can be found in the quadra forums here is the thread that describes the ESFJ for example.

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