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Thread: Personality types and watching games

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    Default Personality types and watching games

    I went to the the pepsi center to watch the Colorado Avalanche win against the Chicago Blackhawks. There were people who got drunk and people who scream there head off .

    Anyway What do you guys do when you go watch a game?(not watching TV, real game) Who would you invite or which personality would be good one as to invite to go to the game with you?

    I think ESXP's are great to bring along with if they love to watch sports. There wildness get me to be wild.
    An ENTX, and INTJ friend of mine both went to a high school football game. The ENTX friend sayed it was halarius as how much the INTJ friend got into at the football game. She would say stuff like:
    "STOP fumbling the stupid ball."
    "Seriously my grandma could really play better than you."
    "Wake up, play the game." "Bradly (head coach) what wrong with these guys there playing like sissy's." Were going to have a discussing after the game."(saying to the head coach)

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    definitely take INTj or ISTj. we know what is going on and we yell. remember, we are there to see the game. not necessarily to hang out with you.
    that is what i was getting at. if there is an inescapable appropriation that is required in the act of understanding, this brings into question the validity of socionics in describing what is real, and hence stubborn contradictions that continue to plague me.

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