I have written today the article about the development within the psyche and its' relation to intertype realtionship. I believe that we shall not be able to describe sufficiently intertype relationships until we will have a clear picture of the the processes/dynamics within the psyche. May be we should combine the idea of psychological types with the idea of dynamics within the type? The knowledge which exists in socionics about the types, dynamics and intertype relationships is of a static nature more like a picture which produces very rigid judging statements about intertype relationships and this may be an obsticle to the better understanding and exploring. Everything is changing and there must be more flexibility in the way we use functions and blocks and all these learning processes and processes of adaptation! Where is the purpose of having your type and plus 15 more types if it would be just for the pupose outside you???
The main purpose is the cahnges within you, the development within the psyche. If the develpment is impaired for some reason - no intertype relationship on its own will save you or make you happy (outside world).