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Thread: Subtype?

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    Default Subtype?

    So, which of Gulenko's subtypes do you think I am? I'm not sure what to think, myself.

    Esenin (INFP)
    Lyric poetries initial (ethical)
    (charming - from the Eng. fascinator)

    It flatters and charms, obayatelen and is communicable. If he sees, which around it negative emotions, will try to make then so that the people would calm down. It will mobilize well in the dangerous situations, it loves to be in the center of attention, can prilyudno suffer and dramatize proceeding, it possesses a feeling of humor. It easily manipulates by intonation, voice, it can realize well itself in the field of journalism of --- he easily is succeeded in, telling "collocutor. Outwardly it can appear extravagant, frequently take the form bogemnyy, bright.
    Lyric poetries terminal (intuitive)
    (questioning - from the Eng. questor)

    The characteristically interrogative expression of face, the form is calm, is dreamy, contemplative. It is frequently passive in its line of behavior. Romantic on the spirit, lives in the world of illusions, he attempts to leave from the negative emotions. It is optimistic, as a rule, departs from the conflict situations, the supporter of compromises. It is restrained in the clothing, it is elegant and refined, it can fulfill the functions of abstractor with the "solid hand", be occupied by psychology and psychotherapy.

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    My guess would be N subtype because you seem rather unsure about your capacity to use which probably means you just dont use it that much. Im guessing my own subtype is intuitive for the same reason- im not too confident about my , or at least it doesnt seem like it.

    Im not sure if this is a good way to determine subtype, though, cuz Im still not sure about my subtype, but its something to consider.
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