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Thread: Intertype relations at your work place

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    Default Intertype relations at your work place

    More often these days, in a never-ending quest for excellence in leadership and to maximize effective utilization of human resources, businesses are having workers and managers typed. In the USA, this is often through the use of MBTI. Consequently, we may be aware of some of our co-workers types and can guess at their socionics type easily. What have we seen about inter-type relations at work? What are some challenges we've seen in our relationships? What have we done to respond?

    I'll start: right now I am in a relationship of supervision with my supervisor; she is my supervisor at work, but I am her supervisor according to socionics. This is a difficult position for her (which she could take out on me, if things were not to go well) so I try to tailor my interactions with her from a one-down position, always mindful that my strengths could intimidate her and set her against me.

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    Where I work I frame pictures. Out behind the counter is a display of frame "chevrons". These chevrons are organized numerically based upon style. My perception of the frame chevrons is that they have numbers, but that the numbers are irrelevant since people don't choose the frames they need to sample by number, but by what they feel they need. This is a chaotic process so when i'm done helping people I usually just put the chevrons back where i feel that they belong by how they "look" rather than where they "should be". Most of the people on staff are Perceivers, but there are a couple of judging types.

    Alot of times the judging types get irritated or displeased at me since I'm sorta chaotic and dazed about things like that. I just think that putting the chevrons in order by number really is irrelevant because the way the company numbers them is sorta irrational anyway. Its like a metaphor for how the world works.

    So I suppose this is a very general application of socionics. Rather than focusing upon the micro(s/n, t/f) differences I am focusing on the macro(j/p) dichotomies.

    maybe someday i'll frame your picture for you... hahaha.

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