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    A socionics detective story. Which are the types? Prepare yourself for some reading...

    An exchange student from Portugal comes to Sweden. She meets a Swede who has lived in Portugal as a kid. They become very interested in eachother. She is attracted to his ideas and intelligence, he is attracted to her firm beliefs and aristocratic attitude. She says that she could listen to him forever.

    They start a form of relationship. In the beginning, he thinks she has a boyfriend at home who she is betraying, because she says so. Later she reveals that she broke up with her boyfriend six months ago, because he had been unfaithful. They had been together for 10 years. She is now 26. She does not believe in sex before marriage. She has only told her two best friends about the break-up. The old boyfriend calls at times, she says she enjoys having him plead, she enjoys revenge. She says he tore her world apart and made her ill.

    The Swede has just taken a break from his girlfriend, after having had a distance relationship for 9 months with another foreign girl who is sweet and cheerful but doesn't share his intellect and humour. He sees this new relationship as an opportunity for springtime play, although also being generally interested in the Portuguese girl as a person and feeling that she understands him better than anyone else, although they are different.

    They enjoy just walking together, and find pleasure in the same things. They have interesting discussions. He tends to be more decadent and cites Oscar Wilde. She replies with quatations taking a more christian stance. When younger, she used to consider being a nun.

    He enjoys being the way he is with her, the games they play and how sexually agressive he feels, which he normally isn't. But he gets headaches from being too long with her. When they are with other people, he feels neglected by her. He feels that she enjoys having male friends who desire her, but that she does not deem worthy of her, while at the same time she always tries to get the attention of the materialistic alpha-male types who have a carefree attitude and go on frequent skiing trips.

    They always make out for hours, but nothing more happens, she sets firm boundaries. He enjoys trying to persuade her, gets her to sleep over when it is too late to walk home. He lies naked in bed, she fully clothed. He speaks in cheesy metaphores about wanting to enter the promised land, wanting to go down in the Jordan valley to have a drink, about her fields being untended and in need of good manual labour...

    She is firm, however. His greatest victory comes when she after hours of intimacy unbuttons her blouse and even starts using her hands on him... but after a minute she says it's gone too far, and recedes.

    After that incidence, she starts to talk enthisiastically about him moving to Portugal. He says he will think about it.

    He has to go on a work trip for two weeks. When he comes back, he suspects that she is involved with a fellow Portuguese whom she has met. She denies, but nevertheless she does not believe in their relationship anymore. She blames him for not being serious enough, and says that he had his chance but blew it.

    He becomes sick with envy. She avoids him. They try to reconciliate, and go on a trip to Stockholm with her sister who is visiting. He wants to talk with her, she doesn't want to talk when her sister is near. Her sister doesn't know about the relationship they had, not even that she had broken up with her ex-boyfriend. They fight on the street and he walks away. From that point, she does not speak to him. She returns to Portugal.

    She, however, has some of his belongings: cd's and books. They have some mail contact later on, and she says that the Portuguese man has them in his apartment, that she will arrange for them to be returned. It doesn't happen.

    Four months later, he sees her on the street, or at least thinks he sees her, with the Portuguese man. She has said that she would come to Sweden, and that she would meet him and give him his things, which hasn't happened. By now he also knows that the two of them were involved, although she denied it and pretended to be upset when he doubted her. He does not try to cath up with them, but sends her an email saying that he's seen her, and being somewhat reproachful of her ways.

    She replies (in translation):

    "I returned to Portugal some days ago. I didn't end up spending much time in your city, maybe that is why I did not hav the oportunity to collect your things and give them to you. I went to the north to ski. I have no satisfaction to give you, you have never deserved it. I find it very improbable that you have seen me, especially today. It must have been another of your illusions or hallucinations. You do not have enough morals to rebuke me, you are a resentful person with very little charachter. After all, nothing that I have not said before. You are still ridiculous and your scenes do not provoke anything other than pure contempt."

    He is impressed by the literary quality of the letter, and with her strictness.

    He replies (in translation):

    "Well maybe I was wrong, I should have put in my lenses. As for your critique of my character, I of course reflect on it. But apparently you live in a world where the most important thing is to keep up appearances, where making a foolish figure is the greatest failure, and where causing a scene is a severe crime against all involved. Fortunately, my world is not like that.

    "As for satisfaction, I already know I will get no such thing out of you. I was not satisfied when I found out that you lied in my face about P. I was simply relieved to know that I wasn't crazy after all. And as for resentfulness, I do not find it strange to react as I have. After all, months of no news, knowing that you have taken me off your Messenger list, not having gotten my belongings back, and then you appear out of nowhere saying that you have not been onlin much. For me, that is a lack of respect. Yet nothing you do provoke contempt in me, fortunately."

    No further interaction.

    If you have read thus far... well, you might as well take a guess

    Of course, "he" is "I"... And you need not point out my misconduct too much, I am aware of it... this is not about blame, it's a type detective story

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    What's this, another Swede? You seem to be seriously fucked up! Lay off those southern girls, they're no good for ya! And what are you doing posting this endless and thoroughly pointless story? It's nothing but a waste of cyberspace. I would slap you in the face if I could. Meet me tomorrow at Götaplatsen, and I'll bring my favourite slappin'-gloves.

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