Description of an ENFP (always a work in progress)

The ENFP’s “job” is to scan the world for Harmony in Ideas, sensing possible mismatches from familiar patterns. Many times they cannot express what disharmony was sensed, and identifying it requires conscious use of the ENFP’s other Functions.

Ne: Brainstorming
Ideas are constantly popping around in the ENFP’s head. Many times the ideas pop out verbally. The ENFP is not usually aware of what is going to come out of their mouth until it does. Without a given topic/value, the ideas are not judged in any way. Most of what an ENFP says is just an idea they are putting forth. Almost every conversation is treated as a brainstorming session. When reading books, the “facts” from the book are perceived as being merely ideas presented to aid idea generation.

Ne Evaluating an Idea
Given a Value, the ENFP will begin to Brainstorm ideas that might fit the given Value. At this time, the only judging placed on the idea is if it might fit in with the given Value. For example, a friend and an ENFP are going out to dinner, the friend asks, “What do you want to eat?” The ENFP will start producing ideas of what kinds of food they could eat, places they could go to, what they could cook, etc. Given the value of ‘what to eat’ and ‘inexpensive’, the ENFP will toss out ideas that fit either one or the other, and then get the subconscious ‘oof’ that tells them that that idea doesn’t Harmonize with both values, and thus the idea gets rejected...(Usually AFTER the idea has already been stated. )

Fi Experiencing a Value
There are times when parts of a given Value are not quite known. At this time, the ENFP chooses or must actually Experience the Value and it’s consequences. The ENFP may attempt to dampen the amount of ideas being produced so they can focus on Experiencing the Value. (Some might call it a “Switch”.) The Experience may take the form of an action, a statement, taking on a role, or even reading/listening to a story of someone else’s experiences. It’s like a game of pretend, though not always consciously so. If its form is a statement, the ENFP may seem to be arguing for/against the Idea. The ENFP is often accused of being false, thinking false, or even contradicting themselves. These statements come from those who do not recognize that the statement is merely an Idea that is being Evaluated through the means of Experiencing it and/or its consequences.

Se Analyzing an Experience
If the Experience is too complex to determine a specific consequence or Value, an ENFP will then go through the process of analyzing the experience. However, because of the ENFP’s Brainstorming nature, it becomes difficult for the ENFP to determine which “blocks” of Experience may or may not be relevant. Therefore, any categories the ENFP develops will be . . . idiosyncratic .

Ti Recalling an Analysis
To aid their analysis, the ENFP will Recall individual “blocks” out of the Experience that match the given Value. These individual “blocks” may be perceived as being located within the body. For example, Block A might be located just above the right shoulder, Block B might be located behind the lower left hip, etc.

Si Systematizing a Recall
Once the chosen blocks of Experience have been located, the ENFP Systematizes them by moving the blocks around until a Harmonious feeling of “ah-ha” occurs.

Te Envisioning a System
The Systematized pattern of Experiences are then Envisioned and held in “limbo”.

Ni Harmonizing a Vision
Finally, the ENFP cross checks for differences between this Vision and familiar patterns. Any mismatches and the cycle repeats itself. Harmonized patterns are returned to “limbo”. Any familiar patterns and associations become strengthened. The more familiar the pattern, the more it becomes part of our identity.

Fe Brainstorming a Harmony
These “identities” soon change as yet again, the ENFP scans the environment, Brainstorming for differences between familiar patterns and possible new ones.


So, anyone up to brainstorming how their type "Functions"?