Hello. I would like to hypothesize on how different types communicate and express things, be it in ordinary conversation or through a form of art.

Firstly, we have the introversion/extraversion dichotomy. According to Jung’s definition of the introverted character, the introvert places the priority on the “subject.” The extravert is defined as placing the priority on the “object.” This fundamental difference of attitudes will manifest itself in casual conversation. I would speculate that the introvert is more likely to state opinions than facts, and is more likely to state facts as opinions. Conversely, the extravert would be more likely to focus on facts rather than opinions and more likely to state opinions as if they were facts.

The N/S dichotomy is probably less noticeable through conversation, although I do think that the speech of the sensors might contain more nouns than the speech of intuitives, as sensors, being more focused on the details of the physical world, are likely to have a larger compendium of nouns in their vocabulary (on average, of course). In a work of visual art, the creations of sensing types might in general be more detailed and realistic, while the creations of intuitives could tend to be of a more abstract nature.

Whether in speech or in writing, the language of the thinking type will likely contain more verbs as they focus more than feeling types on what was done or said, rather than how it was done or said. The language of feeling types is probably poorer in verbs, but richer in adjectives and adverbs. In a work of literature, I would venture to say that those by thinking types often contain the more interesting plot and story development, while those by feeling types posses better character development and atmosphere/emotional tone.

I think that the rationality/irrationality dichotomy could be extremely easy to notice. I believe that rational types are more likely to write or produce a work of art to convey a point, while irrational types are more likely to focus on creating an impression. In song lyrics, when it appears that random phrases are simply strung together, this might be indicative of irrationality.

Would anyone care to disagree with me or to offer other observations of this nature?