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Thread: Transformation from Socionics to MBTI

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    Default Transformation from Socionics to MBTI

    Ok. So there has long been a feud promoting the incompatibility of socionics types with the MBTI system. People definitely have a point, and it is really clear where the line between the two systems are drawn, but I've been thinking, and I have something I'd like to run by the people of this forum.

    Let's look at the dual pair:

    INTp: Ni - Te - Si - Fe
    ESFp: Se - Fi - Ne - Ti
    INTP: Ti - Ne - Si - Fe
    ESFP: Se - Fi - Te - Ni
    Notice how in both systems the first function of the INTP is located at position 3 for the ESFp (inverted), and that the second INTP function is located at the 4th position for the ESFp (inverted), and that the first INTP function is located at position 1 for the ESFp (inverted), and that, finally, the 4th function of the INTp is located at position 2 for the ESFP (inverted). That is, the functions of the INTp and ESFp are different in the MBTI system, when compared to Socionics, but the relative placement of each (and, dare I say, strength?) is the same between the systems.

    I'll try another one:

    INFj: Fi - Ne - Ti - Se
    ESTj: Te - Si - Fe - Ni
    INFJ: Ni - Fe - Ti - Se
    ESTJ: Te - Si - Ne - Fi
    The alignment of the functions are once again the same between the systems.

    One last one:

    ISTj: Ti - Se - Fi - Ne
    ENFj: Fe - Ni - Te - Si
    ISTJ: Si - Te - Fi - Ne
    ENFJ: Fe - Ni - Se - Ti
    Once again they line up between the systems.

    Now, I'm not saying this common alignment is uniform, but it is consistent for all the duals relationships, conflicting relationships, and quasi-identical relationships.

    More importantly, though.. looking at the function alignment draws a partial connection between the two systems (lowercase last letter representing socionics and uppercase representing MBTI):

    (MBTI) = (Socionics)

    INTP - INTP = INTp - INTp = identical
    INTP - INTJ = INTp - INTj = quasi-indentical

    INTP - ENTP = INTp - ENTj = mirror
    INTP - ENTJ = INTp - ENTp = contrary

    INTP - ESFP = INTp - ESFp = dual
    INTP - ESFJ = INTp - ESFj = conflicting


    My point is, you can determine your dual by flipping the first three letters of your type in MBTI, and still come out on the good side of the coin. The rest was just something that might be useful later.

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    It should be made clear that if your result on a similarmind or humanmetrics test is INTP, you SHOULD NOT change the last letter into J for your socionics type. And this is valid for all the introverted types.

    This is a great misconception which has been brought into socionics by Ganin with one of his not-so-understandable articles at

    Apart from this, yes, I agree with you.

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