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    Socionics Type Profiles by Elena Zamanskaya and Oleg Hrulev

    [machine translation--further translation needed]

    This is an incomplete set of profiles that includes types ILE, SEI, LII, SLE, IEI, ESI and ILI. If anyone finds any of the missing profiles please let me know and I'll add them here.

    ILE, Intuitive-Logical Extravert

    (Seeker, Don Quixote)

    Dona - quite unusual representatives Socion endowed by nature with great intelligence and ingenuity, restless character and great interest in how life works.

    In the world they feel like a fish in the water and ready to learn infinitely varied phenomena, dokapyvayas to the heart - as general mechanisms that underlie the nature of things and phenomena.

    Perceiving the world as a treasury of various kinds of information, Dona able to comprehend the laws of any phenomena and their relationship. Huge pleasure for them to not only explore how the world works, but imagine what it will be in the future - the power of his thoughts Dona able to overcome not only the distance, but also time.

    Extraversion Dons manifested in the ability to think in global categories, the ability to figure out how to change the world for the benefit of the human mind and development.

    Intuition allows them to be flexible, to see a lot of opportunities and alternatives for development and structural logic helps creative thinking and ironic and objectively.

    Whoever Don by occupation, he always knows the world, absorbed a bunch of strangers and, seemingly contradictory things. Although it spread interest and gives them an opportunity to gather such information about the world that is not available in the standard education. Incredible diversity of the world causes Dons inspiration, the desire to generate new ideas. The joy of life is expressed in realized needs to explore constantly switching from one task to another.

    But with the implementation of their ideas to life Dons have some difficulties. Difficult for them to break away from the constant process of mental activity. Repels them and routine laborious debugging beautiful concept or lapping scheme. Already known is not encouraging as something they still unknown. And in the worst case, the life of Don burdens endless series of outstanding tasks and unrealized plans. Despite this, the Dons as people carefree and cheerful, happy rarely, hoping for the best in the future, or relaxing in the fantasies, intellectual discussions and using hobby.


    The most difficult area of life for Don - human relationships. In this area, they often fall into the trap of putting others in embarrassing failure to comply with generally accepted conventions of communication.

    Dona - very independent people who value freedom, perceiving life as an adventure, not afraid of ups and downs, so the stability of family relationships often seem too daunting. And the experience of a broken heart makes long to lick their wounds, deprives the usual confidence in the peace and composure. In addition, the Dons great seeing people's ability to see no relationship to his people. And because of this, or fall into idealism, loving all of humanity, and seeing the beautiful ideal partner ...
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    Duality Relations ISFj and ENTj by Stratiyevskaya

    ESI – ISFj – Dreiser (Fi-Se)
    LIE – ENTj – Jack London (Te-Ni)

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    Activity Relations ISFj and INTp by Stratiyevskaya

    ESI – ISFj – Dreiser (Fi-Se)
    ILI – INTp – Balzac (Ni-Te)

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