• Hugo, Male portrait, ESFj by Beskova

    Hugo, Male portrait, ESFj by Beskova

    Prominent, imposing, stout, HUGO man knows how to dress with taste and allots certain amount of time to this. More often, he prefers to have his cut shortly, tries to keep his hair neat.

    His entire look radiates at attitude of good humor, placability, and optimism. He is energetic and active. His movements are unrestrained and confident, but he holds himself with modest virtue. His smile uplifts those around him. He easily comes into contact with whomever he wants to and wherever it is convenient. To him, it is easy to demonstrate to his conversation partner sincere interest in his or her matters. The bright emotionalism of HUGO creates as if a field around him, in which it is pleasant to be in.

    He easily maintains relations with many familiar and unfamiliar people and remembers everything about everyone. People, in fact, greatly interest him, and he knows not only how to spend time with them, but also how to look after and entertain them. If you arrived at his house, he will bustle about around you, give you something to drink, offer you something to eat and entertain you. The thought that you are doing well and enjoying yourself brings sincere pleasure to him, and he will not hold back on his efforts to surround you with comfort.

    Already in childhood, small HUGO readily does grocery shopping (he remembers all the prices!), helps with household chores and maintenance, and willingly occupies himself with looking after his younger sisters and brothers. He is not against even cooking something in order to appease his relatives with a tasty surprise.

    He goes to school with pleasure, because there, as a rule, he has an entire class of friends. Without counting, of course, a heap of familiars from the parallel, higher and lower grades. He is a good partner not only in games, but also in studies - will always give his homework to copy if he must. But then no one will refuse him the same favor in return.

    Charming, kind, and not petty, HUGO usually enjoys the love of the entire group. He is merry, lively, and sociable. With him it is good to greet the New Year, to celebrate a birthday, to go to the countryside together. It is certain that no one will stay without food, and without a good mood as well!

    Young HUGO usually displays initiative himself if he comes to like someone. As a rule, he is attracted to girls who are clever, refined, and romantic in their soul. The main thing is that she supports the group or the gathering, that she is cheerful and responsive to his proposals, that she loves to walk to concerts and to social gatherings. In the matters of courting, energy and enthusiasm HUGO has in sufficient quantities for two people. As to your encounters being interesting and diverse, it is better left to the care of his partner. If you have a rich imagination, your proposals will be met with captivating enthusiasm.

    Only do not count on him to arrive at the exact minute to your meeting. It will be up to you to be tactful and not to reproach him for being unpunctual. If he comes exactly on time, then know that most most likely, this required from him a lot of effort, for example, appearing thirty minutes prior to the assigned time. Taking this into account, try not to be late to the meetings yourself!

    HUGO men make for industrious and caring husbands. They, as a rule, treat the relatives of their wife, and also her friends, acquaintances, and colleagues as members of their family. On holidays, usually, a large, merry company gathers at home of HUGO. He loves to laugh and to joke around; this way it is merrier and more interesting for him and everyone else.

    HUGO makes sure that the refrigerator in the house will always be full, and that his wife and children do not fall sick. Men of this type, with their entire soul, live for their family members and relatives. They try to gather everyone together so that everyone feels themselves as one family. They especially value that during supper or Sunday dinner, everyone is present at the table at the same time. When family is gathered together, HUGO will with pleasure converse and joke, raising mood by his presence. If someone did not return home at the assigned time, he will be very worried, and go searching for them, but when they will appear, he will arrange for them the professionally executed scandal to the utmost degree, shaming them for their carelessness and the indifference.

    Emotions of these types of people are so strong that from worries they can even faint, both male and female representatives of this type. Specifically this has happened with Sasha Panayotov (HUGO), one of the participants in the competition "The People's Artist" 2004, when his friends set up an excessively realistic prank for him. As was mentioned in the newspaper "7 Days", they purchased a human-sized doll, dressed it up in the clothing of Hohmann (winner of the same competition), placed it on the floor, and poured fake blood on it. Sasha Panayotov comes home, opens the door, and sees... the lifeless body of Hohmann in a puddle of blood! Impressionable Panayotov immediately faints!

    Moods, emotions in people of this type serve as unique tools for them, with the aid of which they frequently achieve that which is necessary for them.

    Example from real life: "For a long while, I received no increase in my salary, and didn't know how to speak up about this. Two days I spent at work gloomier than a storm cloud. I was in such a poor mood, that around me "everything living was dead". At the end of second day, my boss implored me: "This cannot continue! What has happened with you? Nobody can work like this!" I explained it to him and he said: "I will raise your salary, but I plead with you, stop spoiling the mood of everyone.""

    In professional activities, man of HUGO type is active and energetic. Most of all, he seeks and enjoys himself at work where it is necessary to work with people. People do not tire him, but on the contrary, cause infinite interest. He will appreciate the job of cinematographer or work in entertainment industry. He can also work as a manager at a recruiting agency. One of the most desirable professions for him is that of an actor or a singer. It is worse, if he becomes an engineer or an accountant. He undoubtedly will manage; however, this will require from him much more effort, that his beautiful, bright temperament unavoidably will suffer and, to a considerable extent, he may become depressed.

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