• Gabin, Male portrait, ISTp by Beskova

    Gabin, Male portrait, ISTp by Beskova

    The SLI man is relaxed, thorough, and impenetrably calm. He produces an impression of a manly and restrained person, possessing a deep sense of self-worth. He typically has an excellent aesthetic taste and selects convenient, inconspicuous clothing: often dark grey and dark blue sweaters and shirts of calm tones.

    GABIN tends to be solidly built, with sluggish movements, somewhat lazy. He likes to adopt positions where he is half-sitting and half-lying down. As soon as an opportunity presents itself, he will immediately adopt the pose optimal for restfulness, in which he can relax and be at ease.

    In a calm state, he appears to be submerged into himself, with a serious look on his face, noticing little of what is transpiring around him, especially when he is working. However, somehow he still manages to see everything. If you approach him reluctantly, he will slowly raise his eyes with phlegmatic, melancholy expression. It may even seem that he isn't living, but suffering.

    With someone he doesn't know, it is difficult for him to find a suitable topic for conversation. However, if you initiate a discussion, GABIN will considerately and comprehensively commentate and answer your questions. Usually, he speaks quietly, trying not to attract excess attention.

    GABIN's smile, as a rule, is not displayed for everyone, but only to people who are close and familiar to him. It makes his austere, unemotional face appear unusually endearing.

    In the childhood, the boy of this type is often distinguished by good physical training. He is adroit and mobile. He feels at ease during lessons of gymnastics or martial arts. Trainings gives him great pleasure, since his body is so obedient to him. His interests often include modeling, and generally anything where he has to work with hands, since he tends to be very skillful at handwork.

    Boys of this type usually study well, although it seems that they do so with much unwillingness, as if from under a stick. There is a persistent impression that GABIN has to do his homework through force, fighting (at times even successfully) with his infinite laziness. Sometimes he loses this struggle, and then, especially in the upper classes, his education goes down the drain.

    In principle, GABIN is assiduous, sensible, and capable of achieving good results, especially in natural and precise sciences. But the acclaim of being a honorary student rarely appeals to him.

    With age, GABIN enjoys systematic exercise and sport increasingly less, although from time to time can entertain himself with lifting some weights.

    Men of this type are observant, possess an ironic mind and an unobtrusive, refined sense of humor, although they are not willing to show this for just anyone. GABIN overall is not very demonstrative and prefers a sufficiently secluded, calm life far away from people, the noise, the fuss, and all the possible calamities.

    GABIN exists as if outside of current culture. He is unusually critical of everything, retains his own point of view, and is difficult to influence by advertisements or other manifestations of popular culture. Clubbing, senseless noisy gathering with many unknown people where no one can hear anyone else, do not draw youths of this type.

    Another matter is a social gathering with familiar people, where he feels himself valued and loved, a small corporate party for example. Here GABIN can even take initiative and proceed to entertain guests, or, at least, he will try to support the general atmosphere of celebration.

    Not every girl is able to entice distrustful GABIN. First, he does not believe that he can be attractive to someone. Second, rarely everyone succeeds in awakening any enthusiasm or interest in him - indeed GABIN, as a rule, does not hurry anywhere. Behind his courageous, solid appearance hides impossible shyness and indecisiveness. His understanding of relationships is poor, thus he does not see when he should show initiative and when it's unnecessary. So that everything is simple and not as terrifying, he may prefer to not take any initiative at all. Instead, he chooses to fill himself with mysteriousness to excite curiosity in others by his absence.

    Relations with GABIN usually happen accidentally - he himself does not understand where they came from and how they originated. He is capable of falling in love from a distance, only by eyes, observing the person who randomly captured his heart for a long time. In this case, being a contemplator by his nature, he can spend months and even years in this state and not take any action.

    A story from real life of male GABIN: "I was studying in medical school, and one girl seemed very attractive to me. And I walked around and looked at her, and for entire 6 years I continued liking her. And the next 2 years of residency as well. Then I finished with school. After some time I called her and asked her to marry me. She agreed. Thus we became married."

    GABIN is reserved (because he is easily wounded), and does not like to put his feelings on display for strangers. Fact is that he is not so confident in himself, as it may seem. Learn to give praise and support to your partner, then he will more easily manage his life, and will feel somewhat better about himself.

    GABIN can only fit one relationship per unit of time, therefore he usually does not have many real relationships. If he suddenly discovers that his thoughts and his heart are occupied by a new person, he easily closes the old chapter of his life and begins from a new, blank page without many pangs of conscience. Memories of the past, as a rule, leave him indifferent because he lives by the present day.

    If GABIN has married, then he can keep his family for a long period of time, sometimes for life. For this he has to be sufficiently comfortable - then laziness will dissuade him from changing anything. In addition, he fears that new life might be worse than his current life. He cannot foresee such things. In family life, the most difficult part for him is explication and analysis of relations, scandals, tears. Don't forget that the soft and benevolent GABIN can also become very austere and insensitive. If anything is not to his liking, he will, without any ceremonies, inform you about it with a concealed but distinctive threat in his voice. You will understand then that he is not going to repeat himself twice. During such moments, it is better not to argue with him, since his anger is usually short-lived. Though he is jealous and touchy, simultaneously he can also be very sympathetic.

    Among GABINs there are those who choose a single partner for their entire life (if man of this type is lucky enough to meet that woman, whom he can love his entire life). If the relationship with GABIN is built on trust, then it will be solid and lasting. This helps him to periodically be in a good mood, to feel as a close friend of his wife (or girlfriend) and care after her. In such cases, GABIN is exceptionally trusting and open, and experienced sincere comfort of the soul and happiness. So that this lasts, he is capable of much.

    Children in the family of GABIN usually enjoy the patronage of their father. He is not petty and condescending to them. Frequently, he grows attached to them and makes friends with them, trying to teach them anything useful.

    With housework, he is industrious and does a lot of work with his hands. At home his snobbery is manifested in him giving preference to expensive, beautiful things. He loves all possible mechanisms, that can make his life more convenient and comfortable.

    Being practical, GABIN, both at home and at work, does only that which is actually needed and which will bring concrete benefit. He is not inclined to squander his resources and is an expert at estimating the relationship between price and quality of goods. He also knows, how much time and labor will be required to earn the sum necessary for acquisition.

    The results of such calculations frequently indicate that it's not even worth it to start anything. In short, GABIN lives according to the principle of saving energy, i.e. he tries not to make more, but instead to reduce his needs to the minimum, in order to expand as little effort as possible. Generally, he prefers so that any work becomes automated, since he does not like to overstrain himself, and never passes the opportunity to exist as long as possible in a state of comfort and rest.

    In any undertaking, GABIN lacks the necessary emotional attitude, i.e. enthusiasm; therefore he needs someone who will help him overcome his inertia and inspire him to take on the new matters. Frequently, it is easy to get GABIN moving by suggesting some novel, light enterprise - he loves to feel refreshed by unusual impressions. These enhance his life, make it appear in new light for him, help him avoid the periods of constant boredom and inactivity. Sometimes men of this type quickly get ready and leave for a journey. Some love to go traveling or hiking, reconciling with having to spend time in inconvenience and the absence of comfort for the sake of gaining new impressions, which are necessary for them as fresh air.

    For this same reason (GABIN knows himself, how pleasant in life is anything new) he loves to create surprises. Can present anything, which a close person has dreamed about for a long time, or unexpectedly do something pleasant for them. He himself in such cases is no less glad than the recipient of his gifts and favors. He loves to sometimes unexpectedly arrive at a place, where, to his knowledge, his dear woman will be present at this very moment. And to shine with happiness, that now he will gladden her by its his appearance.

    Although GABIN is lazy, he will never become penniless. Moreover, the work, which he selects for himself, is usually something serious, that requires from him both high level of professional skill and expertise, and ability to make independent decisions. Both of these qualities are usually present in abundance in him. GABINs make for good doctors, physical therapists, economists, architects, computer specialists, natural scientists, and movie directors.

    However, besides the business aspects, human relations at work are exceptionally important for GABIN. He monitors them carefully. It is necessary for him that he is loved, valued, and praised. As a result of his constant (but almost imperceptible) efforts in this direction, GABIN usually occupies the role of everyone's favorite in a group.

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      Galen -
      This doesn't sound like me at all.
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      Absurd -
      GABIN's smile, as a rule, is not displayed for everyone, but only to people who are close and familiar to him. It makes his austere, unemotional face appear unusually endearing.
      Hmm, this explains why I smile to myself when walking.
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      This seems remarkably similar to INTj's.