• Balzac, Male Portrait, INTp by Beskova

    Balzac, Male Portrait, INTp by Beskova

    Young BALZAC, irrespective of whether he is slender or portly, resembles a small boy who grew to the size of an adult. May be this is due to the fact that in their childhood such boys often surprise other people by their outstanding mind and an almost encyclopedic knowledge that goes well beyond their years. Becoming accustomed to the enthusiasm and praises of adults, they preserve on their face an expression that is characteristic of the child prodigy.

    BALZAC is calm and imperturbable, phlegmatic and pensive. The distinguishing features of his face are the clever, sad eyes, full of hopeless skepticism, often with dark circles. Men of this type favor dark colors in clothing, such as dark blue with gray or brown with black. Long hair among men of this type is common, but of course, you can also meet one with a more traditional short haircut.

    Body of representatives of this type has indeterminate forms, often with rounded shoulders and inclined to fullness. Even if in youth BALZAC has participated in sports, in middle age he nevertheless is predisposed to putting on weight and becoming heavy set. Some BALZACs, however, keep in good figure even into their later years but these are less frequently encountered.

    In spite of their fullness and considerable size, BALZACs do not make an impression of being sturdy. It is easy to move them or to go around them. They as if do not occupy space, and even if they do, they glide along side of it, as large soap bubble glides along the floor.

    In childhood, boys of this type are often very gifted. They are sharp-witted, clever, erudite, devoted to learning more about the world around them. They accumulate an enormous quantity of information from very different areas of life. However, in school they often keep in the background; they do not hurry to advertise how much they know and do not attempt to draw attention to themselves. And although boys of this type are not characterized by diligence and accuracy, they usually perform well in school, especially those who possess a measure of healthy ambition.

    As a rule, with age BALZAC's intelligence does not diminish, but only grows in its extent. Proportionally to it, he also develops craftiness, cunningness, and biting sarcasm. BALZAC is capable of foreseeing the course of development of events and of estimating the benefits that this or another enterprise may bring to him. One can rely on his forecasts if he is willing to share his thoughts with you.

    BALZACKs do not know how to be assertive and do not hope that they will be heard, and therefore they do not hurry to express their opinion. They do have one, as a rule, of high degree of expertise, especially on those questions which have occupied them professionally or which relate to the sphere of their interests or hobbies.

    Representatives of this type have a special relation to the course of time. They see it as the actually existing substance and know how to work with it. Their consciousness is capable of gliding along the time axis forward in the future and backward into the past. They live in this flow of time and don't understand why others do not make use of their potential.

    BALZAC is burdened by the slow flow of all possible processes, although himself he does not hurry anywhere and thus makes an impression of sluggish lout. A man of this type can indifferently sit in an armchair, read a captivating book, and then instantly get up, get ready in three-five minutes, and leave the house by the required time.

    Story from real life: Young BALZAC was traveling in a subway car with a female acquaintance. Both of them were engaged in an involving conversation. In retrospect, she said that she was trying to end the conversation when the train came closer to his station, thinking that he will want to make his way to the doors. However, he continued talking. The train stopped, doors opened, people came out, others came in, and only then did he say goodbye and walked out of the car before the doors closed again.

    BALZACs are undemonstrative and reserved. With pleasure they occupy themselves with their favorite work, sitting in some quiet corner at a library or on the internet, where they feel themselves as fish in water. They don't suffer from lack of company. They are little interested in other people. The most important thing for them is to keep their mind under creative pressure. However, if they find a worthy conversation partner, BALZACs can spend hours discussing topics of interest with such a person. He is very predisposed towards removed philosophical reasoning and, as a rule, approaches subjects from the apex of his intellect.

    Male BALZACs understand poorly how to develop relationships with the opposite sex and even more poorly orient in the realm of feelings; therefore they hold themselves neutrally, with indifference. He himself does not understand how he gets pulled into relationships, and notices this problem only when it becomes urgent for him to do something - get married or break up.

    Because men of this type orient poorly in love, they behave extremely carefully in such matters. It is useless to ask what feelings they are experiencing - they themselves are not sure of this. One should act pragmatically. They try to shift all decision-making to their partner. They do not like taking on responsibility in relationships, since they best see all the negative consequences of the development of situation, that somehow for them are always outweigh the positive ones. In short, BALZAC welcomes partners who demonstrate resoluteness and decisiveness in relations.

    If you have married BALZAC, then you can be certain that your family will be provided for materially. The spectrum of professions befitting to BALZACs is sufficiently extensive. They will always find a method to obtain money, without over-straining themselves at work or by engaging in profitable projects on the side. Some of them, after earning a decent sum, allow themselves to take a vacation for three or four months, devoting themselves to intellectual research. But don't pay much attention to this, you will not find yourself in financial troubles. At the right time - not earlier and not later - BALZAC will find a method to earn the next sum of money. For example, by participating in intellectual contests of the type "What? Where? When?" where it is possible to win considerable prizes.

    There are among the representatives of this type such, who start their own business. They successfully manage it, especially if they have good partners, who take upon themselves all the public relations functions - serve as the face of the firm, talk with the clients, etc. Himself BALZAC prefers to work behind the scenes. He does not like forcing himself to answer or make phone calls, even if this is necessary for work.

    Housework does not appeal to the man of this type. He does not like to waste his energy and time on household upkeep that from his point of view is pointless and unnecessary - it is good as is, only that he has a sufficiently interesting virtual life. So do not wait for your BALZAC to actively investigate problems associated with daily chores. As a father, BALZAC is usually not aggressive, likes to joke and becomes friends with his children. He frequently believes that his main task is their intellectual development.

    He often avoids situations that involve open and passionate declarations of feelings and noisy parties with empty, senseless conversations. Boisterous emotions coming from other people are intolerable and suffocating for him, so do not try to create drama or play out tragedies before him. If you become excessively involved with such theatrical displays or frequently try to discuss state of your relationship with him, then he will simply disappear from your field of view. If he has already become your husband, he will feel miserable in such conditions.

    To feel yourself happy with your BALZAC, you need to learn to inspire and to activate him, because he drowns in various matters and frequently cannot force himself to undertake the necessary actions when the time comes. He does not have sufficient enthusiasm, nor determination within himself, and therefore he needs to be stimulated from without. Otherwise, he will attempt to prove to you that there is no possibility whatsoever to carry out the job or project which you have planned.

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