• Zhukov, Female Portrait, ESTp by Beskova

    Zhukov, Female Portrait, ESTp by Beskova

    Female ZHUKOV is one of the strongest and most direct types in the socion. Outwardly she appears to be solidly built, possibly athletic, eye-catching, with open face that could only belong to a volitional person. Such a woman one cannot fail to notice.

    SLE woman is often physically well developed with an excellent sense of command over her body. In clothing she may prefer to dress sporty and hold herself in an unconstrained manner. Those female SLEs who are somewhat older may adhere to a strict office style. Their entire appearance speaks of organization, responsibility, and seriousness in their approach.

    In their childhood girls of this type find little interest in playing with dolls and engaging in traditional girl games. Much more they take to boyish entertainments. At school female SLEs usually perform well, although they are not always obedient and may have problems with discipline. In the upper classes they can start to skip lessons and even completely stop attending school without finishing just a few last grades. Although this predisposition exists in them, nevertheless this depends more on their upbringing, their family, and on how absorbed they are by the subject matter. If the female Zhukov is interested in learning and she is sufficiently ambitious, she can become an outstanding student.

    As wives, ZHUKOV women are very loyal and devoted. She is a dependable friend and an invaluable assistant to her husband. But, more frequently it happens that it is the husband who gets the assistant role, as she assumes control over the domestic matters. In this case it will be better if he yields to her. To resist would be useless - she simply knows better. But if she suddenly feels the need to talk about relations or attain what she wants (and to female ZHUKOVs always need to attain it), she will, without any ceremonies, directly voice everything to her partner.

    Specifically here lies the basic difficulty for the women of this type, especially when dating. In culture it is customary to assume that the woman must act a bit dependent, weak, silly and frivolous. Such girls are traditionally pleasing. However, in women and girls of this type there is little of the romantic (although they are very sentimental in their souls) and none of the silly or weak. They do not correspond to standard stereotype of what a woman should be; therefore it is not always easy for them to find a partner.

    Another difficulty is that they discern poorly how relations are unfolding and are almost incapable of directing them. They don't feel when a relationships is coming towards the end until they are put right in front of the fact. The end of the relations for them is always sudden and often traumatic. If a man nonetheless shows interest in the woman Zhukov, relations are frequently directed into their place by her orders. However, not all men are ready to this turn of events, some may choose to suddenly leave her. This hurts a woman SLE very deeply because in such cases she feels as if she has been betrayed.

    Frequently, due to their inability to control relations, girls of this type do sudden, incomprehensible, even extravagant acts. They seemingly attempt to draw attention to themselves by displaying their unusualness, originality, unpredictability, since in culture it is customary that a woman must be mysterious and incomprehensible to the man. They can, for example, suddenly leave their partner, saying that they will never return, but then later come back to him. This can continue for a while, especially if the partner of this girl is not 'strong' in ethics.

    Living space of female Zhukovs is usually in order. She does not attempt to clean her home to the point that it is spotless, but at the same she will do housecleaning regularly: usually once a week with a major overhaul once or twice per year. Windows will be washed as needed, all repairs will be completed, all sink faucets will be brought into order. Her relation to housework is like in the army - household duties are kept in strong grip. There is no place for sloppiness in such a home.

    Same is her treatment of preparation of food. High-quality, fresh food is kept in household in necessary quantities, but there are no superfluous indulgences. Everybody will be taken care of, but she will not put all the household chores on her shoulders. She has too much respect for herself and will not permit anybody else to sit on her head.

    At home woman SLE can be commander-in-chief. She gives clear orders and anybody who does not obey can be subjected to severe punishment. Female Zhukovs make for strict, demanding, but fair mothers, who also know that in the life of family there is always a place for holiday. In bringing up children they will not miss a thing. They try to bring up their children to be hardworking and organized, to grow up into self-sufficient adults with higher education (if she considers it as a must). She is proud of her children and others will also be proud of them! This mother places goals for her children then directs them towards them with a strong guiding hand.

    Female Zhukov is also very sociable, loves gatherings. She does not mind having some fun, laughing in a circle of friends or colleagues, at home or at a corporate party. She loves to listen to anecdotes and tells them herself. She will always support social gatherings, she organizes or helps others to organize parties and celebrations, trips to nature, she will designate who will buy tickets, who will order hotel rooms. In short, she is of public temperament.

    Women of this type often become businesswomen. They always know what they want. They think clearly, usually have good education, are willful, purposeful and enterprising in character, not afraid to take risks. They make for excellent colleagues - exact, responsible, organized. Everything which is under the jurisdiction of female Zhukov will be systematized - paperwork, documents, meetings, events - everything will be put under control. Thus they frequently occupy leading positions because of their excellent business qualities.

    But to work with representatives of this type can be complicated and difficult. They can be too direct, exacting, demanding, which does not always please their colleagues, neither their subordinates nor supervisors, before whom she does not grow timid, frequently insisting on and getting that which she considers necessary. This deviates from the traditional expectations of role of a woman to be more considerate of harmony in relations, to be more diplomatic and to compromise. Nothing like this can be expected from female Zhukov.

    In her behavior these is very little diplomacy. She can observe a displeasing situation for some time, but then she will compulsorily put everything and everyone in their place very simply, sometimes seasoning her energetic speech by more nonstandard vocabulary.

    An example from life: Construction workers were have wrecked havoc with pavement of a street and did not leave any walk space for the passersby. Female Zhukov was tired of observing as people have to slump around the mud. With her car she blocked the concrete mixer in a blind alley. She told superintendent that it will remain put until in the concrete mixer runs out of fuel. Then concrete will thicken, and the workers will have to break it out it from the mixer. Or he assembles all his workers right now, apologizes before the inhabitants and they quickly build the required walkway. It goes without saying that the work superintendent went along with the second choice, moreover he was forced to run the entire program, including the apologies before the tenants of house.

    Whoever is capable to handle this directness can build good relations with women of this type. She simply does not pay attention to the rest, but secretly she grows worried that she cannot build relations with everyone. For her it is important that she is received and treated well. The assaults of her own roughness and impetuosity are painful to her, but she has difficulty seeing any other methods of regulating complex and even simple ethical situations.

    Retiring is equivalent to death for the women of this type, because work is the most important stimulus for them. It indicates respect, position in society, money, and confirmation of her own significance in the eyes of others, connections with others, and the sense of her own usefulness. Being a housewife does not draw a woman of this type - too narrow and insignificant. She could in fact command regiments.

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