• Hamlet, Male portrait, ENFj by Beskova


    Hamlet, Male portrait, ENFj by Beskova

    Young HAMLET is one of those who first to attract attention in a new group. His noble appearance successfully blends with his artistic manners. It is possible to say it otherwise: his artistic appearance successfully blends with his noble manners. In short, bright eyes, spectacular gestures, a sea of charm - all of this usually produces quite an impression on women.

    HAMLET is like a prince. His clothing may vary from professional to extravagant and creative. Among youths of this type you can find those who love decorating their already spectacular appearance. In this case, earrings, chains, black clothing, the bandana, the skull ring, the skeleton pendant - all of this gets used for their adornment, especially in their youth. Their hair can be long or short, naturally colored or dyed into a bright color.

    From the first minute of meeting, HAMLET can entertain you with captivating conversation. In this case his eyes will shine, and conversation topics will be found immediately. Sociability in men of this type is accompanied by bright emotionalism and incorruptible enthusiasm. Their speech, as a rule, consists of astonishing descriptions and many excellent epithets. They may gather an enormous quantity of people around them, although these may be only acquaintances. Even if HAMLET cannot interact with everyone he knows extensively, if it is needed for him, he can at any moment renew the contact.

    In school, such children are lively and merry, and socialize with great interest rather than study. Although, in principle, HAMLET can do very well in school, the problem is that he possesses weak will, and thus frequently cannot force himself to occupy with something he considers uninteresting. This weakness sometimes overcomes him to such an extent, that in the morning he cannot force himself to get up from bed, and as a result misses school.

    One of his favorite subjects is history. Moreover, he writes well, possesses a rich imagination, and provides his own tractations to literary archetypes. Thus his essays are often better than those of other children. Geography also draws him, since, when he grows up he will be attracted to travel. He is drawn by the unknown, untrodden paths, the romanticism of distant roads. Therefore, already in school he starts frequenting tourist clubs and organizations. HAMLET enjoys commanding and leading. Indeed, in his soul this youth is a true leader. It is precisely there that he begins to master the necessary habits of leadership. Tourism provides him with romantic experiences and contacts, without which he cannot exist. Add to this his constant companion - his guitar, using which and his beautiful voice he sings his own songs and those of others - and his image of romantic devourer of hearts is complete. In connection with this, one may recall a very old song called "Brigantina", where in the romantic note there are mentions of "pirates and adventurers...". Apparently, in majority these were HAMLETs.

    A story from real life: "Young HAMLET loved to think over all of the details before setting off on a hiking expedition. Every time he reminded others what they need to bring, that everyone will need a lighter, etc. He was in charge of starting up the bonfire, but he also had other jobs to attend to, so from time to time the fire extinguished when he wasn't paying attention to it. Another lighter disappeared in complete darkness into the grass. Then he took someone else's lighter and started the fire again. This continued on several times throughout the evening. The next morning, when everyone climbed out of their tents, they saw an entire pile of lighters scattered around near the place where the fire was."

    Among the interests of this sensitive youth a prominent place is usually given to music and literature (in particular, poetry) and drawing, within the framework of which he attempts (often successfully) to show his talent. But most of all he is drawn to self expression on stage. He loves and knows how to enter into the most different roles, literally feeling delighting by the interplay of expressions required on this job. He also looks fabulous as a stage singer.

    If you have found yourself in the same company with Hamlet, it is not necessary for you to show initiative in order to become acquainted with him. Well, only if you happened to encounter a very shy and modest one (such also exist). But consider that this youth, regardless of his own romantic-lyricist nature and merry disposition, does not like flirts and light-hearted girls. He prefers serious, even strict girls. Specifically, to such a girl, who will faithfully await for him his entire life, he wants to come back to after his adventures and distant travels.

    If you have chosen HAMLET as you partner in life, be prepared to have your life arranged to be cheerful, reckless, boisterous. You will never feel bored around him. Moreover, in your house there will always be many friends, and at the holiday table you even risk to meet some unknown to you (and vaguely familiar to him) people.

    To earnestly devote himself to household matters is not in his style. His nature is that of a romantic and a nomad, and therefore his interests will always come before his home life. However, sometimes one may encounter HAMLETs, who know rather well how to use the drill. Do not await, that your husband will spend his time on re-constructing the apartment with you, engaging in extensive home improvement projects, or re-hanging the pictures to improve coziness and aesthetics of your home. He is greatly occupied by a kind of life that is more elevated than practical concerns and everyday matters.

    As a rule, your partner will be cheerful and optimistic, ready to support you with his expressive emotions. However, if relations are not coming together, he will always know how to express his displeasure in the form of cold contempt, with help of a dramatic explanation, or having simply increased the distance between you. He can also easily place all of guilt onto your shoulders, even if you are not guilty of anything, so be vigilant!

    To his children he will transfer his own enthusiasm about exploration of space. Your entire family will regularly take excursions to nature or to other cities and countries. He loves to travel across the entire world, and, of course, to take photos or make videos about his adventures. It is so necessary for him to see everything, to be everywhere, and most importantly - to tell about what he has seen to other people so that they become absorbed into his impressions. He will without fail call on his friends - otherwise why did he even travel? - he will show them the videos and tell many stories. On many this will have an effect, and they will light up with the idea to repeat the unusual route. The number of people, which HAMLET can influence with his impressions, can be extremely large. He is a truly great leader, who leads everyone through the deserts and the mountains, the forests and the fields! Forward, there, beyond the horizon! Where the man did not step yet! Although, truth be told, rarely anyone is capable of repeating his exploits.

    Since Hamlet is unpretentious in private life and does not seek comfort, he is inclined to put himself into extreme conditions. This entertains him. His extremism can take different forms: from leading a hitchhiker lifestyle with a minimum of resources in order to test his ability to survive, to bicycling across some mountains or the Gobi desert, where instead of the water he will have to drink camel urine. Briefly, HAMLET is ready for any venture provided no one made a journey similar to it.

    For the same reason - to be original and famous - HAMLET may try to become involved in movie industry. Among movie directors and producers there are many people of this type. They are little oriented to comfort and are very mobile, and therefore at any minute they are ready to get together in a good company and go make some shoots at the far corners of the world.

    There are other professions where these people can successfully realize themselves, not only artistic endeavors such as acting, singing, and writing. They make for good managers, lawyers, public relations specialists. They also make for remarkable, memorable teachers, because they enjoy playing the role of the leader in front of their students, and moreover they emotionally invest into them. They teach well in colleges, since they are endowed by natural expressiveness, and it pleases them to be capable of influencing large audiences. Among the subjects they give preference to humanitarian ones, but also geography, mathematics, communications and information theory.

    Although not all representatives of this type finish college: life, love, entire world beckons them from early years and draws them in much more than dull studies. And if parents did not instill into young HAMLET some determination or at least a feeling of responsibility, he will find it very difficult to study. However, there are such diligent representatives of this type, who obtain even engineering degrees. But, as practice shows, HAMLET will always find, how to leave a dull job into such sphere, where he will be more noticeable and can show off his bright, outstanding character.

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