• The Laws of Quadra Succession by Vera Stratiyevskaya

    The Laws of Quadra Succession by Vera Stratiyevskaya

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    The interchange of information aspects in Quadra happens along evolutionary, successive sequence, in accordance with:
    - biological
    - ecological
    - historical
    - socio-political
    - and dialectical conditions and laws of transformation and evolution of a society.


    The fact that evolution is a programmed process is supported by the very structure of the DNA molecule, that is not only endowed by ability to mutate, but is also programmed for such mutations — programmed for internal changes that occur under the influence of changes in conditions of existence of a living organism (both external and internal), i.e. it is programmed for adaptation to changes in conditions.

    As the conditions of existence of the living organism are changing, so does its adaptive direction change. Evolution has worked for hundreds of millions of years on the development and improvement of adaptation programs, and has endowed them with extraordinary flexibility, versatility, and a variety of methods and possibilities for adaptation. (Thus, it is apparent that within the evolutionary path of adaptation and survival of all living things within a changing environment, the aspect of intuition of possibilities, inherent in the instinctual programs of every living being, is realized — the ability to adapt and survive. The emerging evolutionary information program includes within itself both the ability to accumulate and develop already available adaptive capabilities (+Ne), and the ability to use alternative, little-used opportunities (-Ne) and thus fill in and occupy an alternative ecological niche — a niche of alternative possibilities.

    The complex structure of the DNA molecule is programmed to create an unlimited variety of life forms, generated by the mutational capabilities of innumerable number of genetic programs, that allow living beings to adjust and adapt to the most complex and diverse conditions.

    "If the Lord God created only a DNA molecule, this would be enough for the development of life on Earth." Because the program of mutation is already embedded in the DNA molecule itself: within the program of its replication (self-duplication) "failures" and errors are made possible, which leads to various changes in the composition of proteins and to the creation of diverse life forms of varying degrees of viability. Conventional replication (or reduplication) is a property of all living things and allows the generation (or reproduction) of new (and already partially modified) life forms.

    Interruptions in DNA systems can also occur under the influence of changes in the chemical metabolism, and under the influence of cosmic and radioactive radiations.

    Even under ideal conditions, the very process of exchange of substances can become a cause of mutations. However, as it is known, evolution occurs in far from ideal conditions. And even if such "ideal" (or simply facilitated) conditions were created, all living things would inevitably mutate and evolve.


    In an ecological plan, the interchange of dominating aspects happens after they reach various critical levels of ECO-feasibility of their further development in the quadra. Namely:

    • When they reach an ENVIRONMENTALLY optimal level - the level of environmental sustainability, ecological equilibrium or ecological efficiency - when the achieved results are developed and implemented by the subsequent information aspects (which either ascribe these results to themselves or take them for granted, pushing back the previous involutionary aspect into the shadow). As, for example, it happens with the INVOLUTIONARY INTROVERTED aspects ("ASKING"): they will restore order in their environment and clear the field of activity for future work, while the subsequent preparation and work ("sowing") is done by INTROVERTED-EVOLUTIONARY ("DECLARING") aspects, they are the ones that manage and dispose of the results (the "harvest"), transferring it (for storage and revision) to subsequent aspects.

    A clear example of this is the succession of relations between the INVOLUTIONARY aspects of involutionary sensing of sensations -Si, which is the "program" aspect of TIM SLI (ISTp, "Gabin") and the evolution sensing of sensations +Si which is the program aspect of TIM SEI (ISFp, "Dumas").

    INTROVERT-SENSING-INVOLUTOR SLI goes out to new lands, settles down on distant frontiers, carries out the technical preparation and training necessary for adaptation of new territories (-Si/+Te), while the one who settles in and inhabits this territory as soon as it becomes optimally habitable, replacing him in this field, is the INTROVERT-SENSING-EVOLUTOR - SEI, Dumas (+Si/-Fe).

    The distribution of material goods on this territory, SEI entrusts to the INVOLUTIONARY-INTROVERT-LOGICIAN LII, Robespierre (-Ti/+Ne), who receives this post by the right of being most honest and fair. While the rigid, administrative apparatus on this territory (just as soon as it gets a little organized and disciplined) is created by the subsequent EVOLUTIONARY-INTROVERT-LOGICIAN of Beta Quadra LSI, Maxim (+Ti), who pushes himself to become one of the dominants of the system, takes power into his own hands, and manages the community by right of the most strict, strong, responsible, and organized.

    With LSI's despotism fights and struggles the INVOLUTOR-INTROVERT-INTUITIVE of Beta Quadra IEI "Yesenin" (-Ni/+Fe): conducting a series of cunning and subtle intrigues, he deposts the dictator LSI, and at the same time breaks down his strictly organized administrative System ("no point in yielding so much power into one set of hands"), thus preparing the conditions for new cardinal changes. In these new conditions, the baton is taken by the following INTROVERT-EVOLUTOR-INTUITIVE-LOGICIAN of Gamma Quadra ILI "Balzac" (+Ni/-Te). At first stages, all the infrastructure destroyed in the previous period has to be restored and technically equipped by him.

    The ethical reorganization of the society is dealt with by INTROVERT-INVOLUTOR-ETHICAL-SENSING type of Gamma Quadra ESI "Dreiser" (-Fi/+Se): fighting against criminal remnants of the past, acting on the principle: "Eradicate evil from your environment." As soon as the society will feel itself a little bit protected, as the fruits of ESI's work pass on to INTROVERT-EVOLUTOR-ETHICAL-INTUITIVE of Delta Quadra EII "Dostoevsky" (+Fi/-Ne), who replaces ESI's stern commandments with his kind and merciful ones. Much of what was forbidden before now becomes permitted: live and rejoice! Society directs itself and rushes towards new achievements and novel horizons. The first one to arrive at these distant frontiers is once again SLI "Gaben" (-Si/+Te) - the INTROVERT-INVOLUTOR-SENSING-LOGICAL type of Delta Quadra. He finds suitable territories, begins to prepare them for development. And then, with his numerous offspring, comes once again SEI "Dumas" (+Si) - the Introvert-Evolutor-Sensing-Ethical type of Alpha Quadra, and begins to populate, settle and master the new territory. And the SLI (if he does not settle in this community) goes out to search for other lands. Everything returns to normal, but now at a different level, taking into account the experience and knowledge that has accumulated from the past.

    - What explains this rapidity of capture and displacement of involutionary aspects by evolutionary ones?

    - First of all, this is explained by the fact that evolutionary processes, apparently, do not like to be late. It is not by chance, therefore, that the main initiative is captured by the EVOLUTIONARY-INTROVERTED aspects of the DECLATIVE model. And this rapidity of processes is also explained by the programming of the DECLATIVE model that is oriented at close space-temporal relations. With their inherent conviction, DECLARING types don't doubt their right to be included in this overall constructive and promising (+Ni) process. Therefore, immediately as a suitable moment arives (or the moment of completion of the preliminary INVOLUTIONARY preparation) - and DECLARING types anticipate and foresee it on their aspect of intuition of nearby upcoming changes (+Ni) - as DECLARING types understand (according to their EVOLUTIONARY aspect) that it is time to get involved in the work, it is time to start acting, it is time to "take the baton". And they take the baton (if not intercept it). If some disagreements arise with the related INTROVERT-INVOLUTOR concerning the new EVOLUTIONARY programs that get introduced by the EVOLUTIONARY successor, the EVOLUTOR-INTROVERT as DECLARING type (as a "convinced of his rightness" one) simply pushes out and supercedes his predecessor, the INVOLUTOR, from the aspect (information) field, announces that his time is past and one and his methods are outdated. And to some extent he turns out to be right: he INVOLUTOR-QUESTIM (as one who is doubting his right to defend his opinion) finds it very difficult to resist the onslaught of the EVOLUTOR-DECLATIM (who is convinced of his right to insist on his own opinion). As, for example, the QUESTINA-OBJECTIVIST SLI "Gabin" finds it difficult to argue with DEKLATIM-SUBJECIVIST SEI "Dumas". (Even if SLI is an "Obstinate" type and SEI is a "Yielding" type.) For SEI (as for any SUBJECTIVIST), personal opinion is the truth to the last stretch. And with DECLARATIVE conviction in his own rightness, the SEI can insist on his own way and his own opinion under any conditions. (Especially if the SEI is acting in accordance to his own "program": populating and setting up new lands for himself and his offspring.) SLI for him in this matter is not an edict or a law, even if the SLI has personally cleared this land and prepared it for future settlement.


    From the ecological point of view, the interchage of dominanting aspects can occur when those aspects have reached the highest level of ECO-EFFICIENCY of the DEVELOPMENT of a given ASPECT (ie this aspect's ECO-MAXIMUM), which is characteristic of EXTRAVERTED EVOLUTIONARY aspects that reach the highest point of their development, after which comes recession and degradation begins, the consequences of which may be dangerous and catastrophic for the whole society.

    Thus, for example, an uncontrollable and unrestrained development of EIE's (ENFj) evolutionary ethics of +Fe is fraught with ideological and political terror, religious and ideological wars and ethnic cleansings.

    The consequences of exceeding the eco-maximum of LSE's (ESTj) evolutionary aspect of logic of actions +Te can be environmental and man-made disasters, fierce (and large-scale) wars for new markets.

    Exceeding the eco-maximum in the development of the aspect of ILE's (ENTp) evolutionary intuition of potential opportunities +Ne can also result in major ecological and technogenic catastrophes. If, taking advantage of the freedom and power granted to him, the ILE will start to vigorously and uncontrollably implement his exceptionally bold ideas and projects, such as, for example, the reversal of rivers, the creation of artificial seas created in place of natural ones (wich are to be drained, according to his plans), the consequences can be catastrophic for everyone.

    Excessive development of the aspect of evolutionary volitional sensing +Se turns into large-scale gains and conquests, and the creation of expansive, imperial regimes of contrived "blown-up" democracy.

    The interchange of the dominating aspects in quadra can also occur when the lowest eco-feasibility threshold is reached - an ecological minimum, in accordance with the ecological "law of the utmost minimum" (or the law of Justus von Liebig), where the "utmost minimum" means the minimal amount (impact or influence ) of some factor, which can irreparably disrupt an ecological balance. Or the influence of the "last drop", which disturbs the ecological balance from its optimal, maximum, or minimum level, which leads to irreversible consequences.

    (This law is formulated as follows: "The greatest impact on life (the viability of an eco-system) is imparted by the factor the minimum strain on which approximates the closest the limit of endurance.")

    In this regard, a minimal particle, that irreparably affects the environment, can be imagined as the "last drop overflowing the cup of patience", and in the form of a minimal influential factor that depletes eco-resources to their limits and exhausts the limits of the ecological capacity of the environment (after which the environment ceases to be a "viable living space " - which is typical of EXTRAVERTED INVOLUTIONARY aspects). This can include extreme degrees of moral degeneracy and degradation, and any lawlessness leading to the complete destruction or depletion of eco-resources in the environment, leaving it unable to replenish and reproduce itself.

    This can include extreme forms of greed, cruelty and ruthlessness, putting a person in desperate, hopeless, unviable situations, leaving for him or her no chances of survival.

    To this can be attributed the totalitarian despotism characteristic of involutionary volitional sensing (-Se) of SLE "Zhukov", which leaves no room for another's will, as well as sensory mayhem and unbriddled behavior, which manifests itself as the desire to take away everything in excess and on the principle "If it's not mine, then it won't be available to anyone else." ("If you cut a tree, then cut under the root, so that no one gets it", and the strategy of "scorched earth", so if you have to retreat you take everything with you).

    This includes the ethical-sensory lawlessness characteristic of involutionary aspect of ESE's (ESFj) emotions -Fe — the striving to take up the maximum of conveniences and pleasures for himself, both his own and those of others' (to enjoy until the last drop).

    To this can be attributed the involutionary intuition of potential of IEE (ENFp) "Huxley" -Ne — the striving to intercept the maximum of chances and opportunities from others, devastating them morally and physically, then provoking them to take new risks, sending them in search of new opportunities, and then intercepting them, leaving a person without the slightest chance to improve their affairs. Shoveling all to the last crumbs and drops, overflowing the cup of patience of a dependent person - is typical of INVOLUTIONARY-DECLARING types. (And LIE "Jack" among them, with his resource-grubbing mobilizing aspect of sensing of sensations +Si - is no exception to this.) Some take the last remaining resources, gaining authoritarian advantages in their program - like SLE "Zhukov" (-Se), for example; some do it out of foresight, out of fear of remaining without material resources, without means of subsistence (as, for example, creatively covetous ESE "Hugo"); some do it out of greed or envy masquerading as nnonchalance and carelessness, from the standpoint of which it is very easy to take a person "on a dare" and deprive him of the last remaining resources, leaving no chance for the person to thrive and survive under new conditions, and no chance to return what he or she has lost (characteristic of IEE "Huxley" and LIE "Jack").

    The idea of ​​the limiting effect of the eco-maximum along with the eco-minimum was introduced by Victor Ernest Shelford, who formulated the law of tolerance: "Both the minimum and the maximum value of the environmental factor can be limiting; the range between the minimum and maximum is what determines the zone of endurance (tolerance) of the eco-system towards this factor."

    The range of influence of each information aspect on the surrounding objects and environments is determined by the limit of its eco-feasibility on each of these limiting levels. (If necessary, you can squeeze a competitor out of the sphere of influence with a minimum of effort: it is sufficient to exert enough pressure, persistence or persistence, provided that all the preliminary preparation has already been completed as a whole).



    • In accordance with the LAW OF UNITY AND STRUGGLE OF THE OPPOSITES.

    Which is manifested here in many ways. In particular, in the struggle of opposing (antagonistic but non-antagonistic) aspects, which takes place at all levels of quadra and ends with the displacement of the dominant aspect by the formerly repressed one (subordinate).

    • In accordance with the LAW OF QUANTITY CHANGING INTO QUALITY.

    Which is manifested here as quantitative and qualitative accumulation of advantages by the aspects over the information field, with the subsequent transformation of the involutionary aspect into evolutionary ones, followed by the development of the evolutionary aspect after it reaches the optimal or maximum level of eco-feasibility, after which the accumulated advantages become a burdensome excesses for it, leading to subsequent degradation, and then to successive displacement of this aspect from the dominant positions.

    • In accordance with the LAW OF NEGATION OF NEGATION.

    Which manifests here in the eternal search for truth, in search of a better alternative, in reinforcement of "my truth" and of rejection of "others' truth".

    The law of negation of negation in socionics - is a constituent component of the law of quadral succession, - the cornerstone of development and advancement of the aspects along the information field: the interchange of involutionary aspected by evolutionary ones, the replacement of dominant aspects by the repressed ones, the change of hierarchies of values and priorities of the system with the transition from the previous quadra to the successive one.


    The exchange of information aspects during the transition from one quadra to another happens in EVOLUTIONARY SEQUENCE FOR DOMINATING ASPECTS and in INVOLUTIONARY SEQUENCE FOR DISPLACED ASPECTS (the involutionary aspects get squeezed out and displaced prior to evolutionary ones, since they are their predecessors) - the past gives way to the future and moves away from it further and further according to the measure of progression of dominating aspects into the future.

    On the dominating aspects the transition from quadra to quadra much be evolutionary sequential, - such that there is sequential alternation of EVOLUTIONARY (accumulation of aspect advantages) rational and irrational aspects, as a consequence of which the "aristocratic" quadra (rational "+" aspects; evolutionary rationality) give way to the "democratic" quadra (irrational "+" aspects; evolutionary irrationality).

    Additionally, there cannot be orthogonal jumps i.e. transitions from one to another quadra that is orthogonal to it: it is impossible to jump from first quadra immediately into the third, and from the second - into the fourth. If such a transition occurs, it will be necessary to return to the previous evolutionary stage for a more complete and thorough work on all intermediate evolutionary and involutionary aspects for ordering of all related social relations and economic processes of society, after which it becomes possible (convenient) to move on to the correct evolutionary level (to the stage where the revolutionary changes have led).

    So, for example, in post-revolutionary Russia after the Civil War and the era of militant communism (1918 - 1921 years), the society of Alpha Quadra went back to the days of cooperatives, small and medium-sized businesses, while the society of Qamma Quadra "transferred" to the petty-bourgeois "New Economic Policy" (to NEP). Private enterprise was allowed (to revive the economy and to capture what was yet not expropriated), but not on a large scale (not to cause envy in the "ruling proletariat"). When everything necessary was seized and nationalized, society passed smoothly to the collectivization and the construction of advanced socialism, which turned into a state monopoly established under a one-party, authoritarian system - that is, it transformed into a social formation of the second quadra. (Only because the ideological ground for the creation of a totalitarian society of Beta Quadra has already been prepared, and reversal of this process was not possible: "the genie has left the bottle" and now it was needed to direct its energy in the right direction.)

    The second time - in the early '90s, - Soviet society has leapt from the second quadra into the fourth, bypassing the third. It leapt into developed capitalism (with an inhuman face), which arose spontaneously on the swampy fields of the post totalitarian period, the end of the second quadra - the beginning of the third, and got stuck on this transition between two irrational decisive dyads (SLE-IEI and SEE-ILI). The social progress never came to the most intelligent innovations of the third quadra, but stopped on its criminal and marginalized aspects, the financial "pyramids" and "scam "of all stripes, which back then were still a novelty to everyone.

    The winds of change swept away once strong and impenetrable "Iron Curtain ", and with it came off the common to all, once reliable "roof". (Some have lost their own roof over their heads.) The real estate market was taken over by crime, and for many individuals the displacement of "weak links" onto the street has become commonplace activity (if not profitable enterprise).

    In Beta Quadra the prudent and enterprising part of the population at that time was working "for the grabs" (on the principle of "grab and run!"), which was transmitted to the enterprising representatives of the third Gamma Quadra (mostly from irrational dyads) and turned into a new expropriation of the expropriators - this time the former "masters" of the country - the Soviet people - simple, honest workers, who immediately ended up as the most impoverished layer of the socially vulnerable population. And further - it got worse; the long jump from the second quadra in the fourth led to the most terrible and unexpected results: society has become extremely vulnerable, that was immediately taken advantage of by its political opponents, who imposed several wars, not counting numerous other economic and political adventures, including the worst manifestations of international terrorism). As a consequence of all of this, society has become even more vulnerable and ended up being on the verge of viability.

    Many tried to justify themselves then: "If we knew that everything would be so ..." or: "Who knew that things will turn out this way ...?". (On this occasion, Mihail Zhvanetsky has wittily expressed himself in one of his performances: "It is strange and funny: the USSR suddenly became ill with all the capitalist diseases, for no reason, no reason at all. And immediately in the chronic, rampant form ... ".) A the "chronic rampant form" consisted of the fact that the involutionary rational aspects of the intermediate third quadra did not have time to do their work - urgent "rescue" measures of LIE's involutionary logic of actions -Te and the prohibitive, restrictive measures of ESI's ethics of relations -Fi - this eternal fighter with banditry and criminality of all sorts and kinds - these aspects were not introduced.

    Free from moral and legal restrictions, the newfound "capitalist" society was quick to grab all the rights and privileges of the experienced and saturated by pleasures society the fourth quadra: it opened the door to all the new and original trends and become excessively saturated by everything and anything that was brought in, becoming omnivorous and unscrupulous in its consumption, just as those individuals who oriented it to such values and lifestyle.

    Naturally, demand determines supply: the market vice and crime flourished in lush colors, sparkled by all tones, striking by its variety of forms. The most dangerous forms of mass culture and the basest forms of subcultures have appeared and gained popularity. Totalitarian sects have appeared for mass brainwashing and stupefying of people's minds. Some of the most cynical and monstrously criminal forms of export and import have appeared. Great number of young people became addicted to drugs, may young children and young girls were drawn into prostitution. Gambling, drug and human trafficking became the most profitable forms of business. And then there were the economic and political crisis of 1998, the war in Chechnya, social and political terrorism (EIE "Hamlet" takes revenge for the destruction of its eco-niche).

    From the period of deconstruction and decomposition of Beta Quadra totalitarian regime by means of an orthogonal jump, society landed directly into the decomposition of the pluralistic Delta Quadra society, remaining essentially unprotected and unprepared for this kind of transformation and change. It then had to return to the best examples and correctional methods of Gamma Quadra, to their best designs and alternative technological methods - indigenous, large-scale, strategic and promising socio-political transformations (by LIE's formula: -Te/+Ni).

    The society started from the point where it got stuck: with political pluralism (plurality and multi-party) began to fight involutionally, alternative methods of political technology (-Te/+Ni): they formed a consolidating Party "Unity", that was focused on nearby, prospective, easily accessible, positive results, outlined its purpose: "the saving and healthifying policies for the whole society", and brought in its leaders the main rescuer of the country - the Minister of Emergency Situations Sergei Shoigu (LIE "Jack"). They declared war on criminals (not immediately, but gradually as the situation began to improve), held judicial and social reforms (working through ESI's program of involutionary ethics of relations), and positively reformed everything that could be reformed. The process of Gamma Quadra "perestroika" and readjustment was (finally!) introduced and implements in its rightful socionic and historical track, and quickly began to gain momentum.

    As a result, - at the beginning of XXI (21st) century society has started to enter the level of the first evolutionary dyad of fourth quadra. It was possible to speak (and not just a dream) of stability, of material well-being and economic successes, about the expansion of markets and ambitious economic projects. Society has acquired a taste for the good life. A new extended New Year's holiday was introduced for the whole country, and many began to spend it on the Canary Islands. In some places people even became over-saturated and satiated by beautiful life, wanted to feel the extremes, to cry, at worst, to taste something bitter, something salty, long forgotten ... And then - as on an order! - came (or rather, has come down to us) a new economic crisis of 2008-09. As an alternative and emergency measures once again the society had to go back to the days of decisive and operative Gamma Quadra (as it turned out, it was too early to relax!) and to further and better work through the aspects of its involutionary dyad: to conduct new reforms, develop new anti-crisis measures, to introduce new, even more effective social and economic programs, "recalculate mortgages", to restrain crime, which, as always, activates on the eve of any troubles (or because of them).

    For the stable level of Delta Quadra we, of society, will return again in the future. It would be nice if before that time it's doesn't get deconstructed and shaken apart ...

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    1. Bertrand's Avatar
      Bertrand -
      I love Strat. the changeover from SLI to SEI is fascinating!

      For SEI (as for any SUBJECTIVIST), personal opinion is the truth to the last stretch. And with DECLARATIVE conviction in his own rightness, the SEI can insist on his own way and his own opinion under any conditions. (Especially if the SEI is acting in accordance to his own "program": populating and setting up new lands for himself and his offspring.)
      declaring + subjectivist never fails to make a strong impression, the more absurd the conditions the more it really stands out

      Which is shown here in the eternal search for truth, in search of a better alternative, in the statement "my truth" and of denying the "alien."
      hey! i did this today
    1. silke's Avatar
      silke -
      I was skeptical of that part when reading it, since I've never seen legible descriptions of how exactly Evolutionary/Process and Involutionary/Result types interact - what's the link between Process and Result benefit and supervision rings? But I do agree with Strat in that Evolutionary/Process types seem to have a slight leg up over Involutionary/Result types in the whole quadra progression evolution and that they typically end up taking over (same as syn-flow has some slight advantage over the contra-flow). The Involutionary types would rather search for alternatives and new beginnings than compete over what is already there.
    1. Bertrand's Avatar
      Bertrand -
      well i think its a matter of quadra progression, from one to the next, being defined as an involutionary step because evolutionary types tend to accumulate pressure until a tipping point is reached with constitutes the involutionary's opening, wherein the conditions have been set for them to enact a reorganization of the excess that has accumulated, according to their own psychological values. so its not so much that involutionary are competing with evolutionary types so much as waiting for their opening which evolutionary types inevitably rush towards creating via their inherent maximalism. in the end its more of a collaboration wherein one takes over where the other starts to flag because each have domains which are optimal under certain conditions only the other can create. thus each type primes the territory for the successor to take over once the tipping point is reached through sufficient execution of ones goals. the supervision and benefit rings tend to describe the progression from repressed values, which manifest as certain excesses or vulnerabilities that grow over time until they can no longer be ignored, to conscious values, having burst onto the conscious stage in the form of the supervisor/benefactor who exists to manage the emergent set of problems and reforms/influences society in order to do so

      because its essentially cyclical its hard to say who has an objective advantage over another, which is why I think gulenko realized reverse-supervision and benefit are things as well. and why the cycle can reverse itself, it need not always flow one way (a->b->c->d) etc but it does tend to flow that way, which is probably the basis for the synth flow intuition. I know I feel best when I feel like its flowing that way and identify with synth flow

      i tend to think the ball is in the court of synth flow so its their game to lose essentially, so basically it progresses that way most naturally unless something goes really wrong, or perhaps the technological and psychological development in history will disrupt the natural flow, which I do think is a source of anxiety starting to emerge in general. its possible things like nuclear war (or global warming) could represent a kind of evolutionary excess that results in an corrective involutionary step backwards

      it would be interesting to view that global warming thread in light of all this, because I bet you could trace back opinions on the matter to these exact psychological forces

      i feel like in general if people are "trying their best" or "acting in good faith" and "essentially good" it cycles normally but who knows what could happen especially with globalization (especially global politics, as we have seen with the contemporary beta resurgence beginning to emerge on the global stage, which I attribute to gamma dropping the ball, but also as a natural product of the global situation having to sort itself out as players from other quadras become involved and assert themselves), drugs, and other unprecedented factors coming into play

      the truth is, because it never really ends, a lot of motion just seems to be relative and bounded by select time frames. in the grand scheme, God only knows

      I do feel like in the near term Trump will be disgraced and a delta or ESI type will likely take over and transition the US in that direction. the more resistance that is encountered likely just means gamma has more work to do, which could lead to a jack or balzac or napoleon in charge for an interim period, but it feels inevitable we'll end up with delta (someone like bernie) and I think the major signalling event will be single payer healthcare and then later on universal basic income. i think you could spin these as gamma in the form of balzac type stabilization though so it really just depends. its like some nostrodamus type shit to try and predict the future in this way except in the broadest possible terms. a weird cataclysm could change everything though

      trumps statement of "nobody knew healthcare was so complex" is a funny little statement on how unprepared psychologically he was to tackle the issue because its like a problem born out of issues that he hasn't yet developed the capacity to comprehend, rather he's still contributing to the problem, let alone capable of fixing it, because he psychologically precedes the development of consciousness of the problem. thus the hilariously childlike and incompetent vibe he puts out, its like saying we elected a dinosaur or a baby. hes calibrated to be handling totally different issues from a totally different time. its probably why he wants a war or a nuclear apocalypse or environmental catastrophe, because at least then he'd be useful. meanwhile its clear his daughter is more suited to handle the presidency as it stands right now than he is
    1. Hope's Avatar
      Hope -
      To this can be attributed the involutionary intuition of potential of IEE (ENFp) "Huxley" -Ne — the striving to intercept the maximum of chances and opportunities from others, devastating them morally and physically, then provoking them to take new risks, sending them in search of new opportunities, and then intercepting them, leaving a person without the slightest chance to improve their affairs. Shoveling all to the last crumbs and drops, overflowing the cup of patience of a dependent person - is typical of INVOLUTIONARY-DECLARING types. (And LIE "Jack" among them, with his resource-grubbing mobilizing aspect of sensing of sensations +Si - is no exception to this.) Some take the last remaining resources, gaining authoritarian advantages in their program - like SLE "Zhukov" (-Se), for example; some do it out of foresight, out of fear of remaining without material resources, without means of subsistence (as, for example, creatively covetous ESE "Hugo"); some do it out of greed or envy masquerading as nnonchalance and carelessness, from the standpoint of which it is very easy to take a person "on a dare" and deprive him of the last remaining resources, leaving no chance for the person to thrive and survive under new conditions, and no chance to return what he or she has lost (characteristic of IEE "Huxley" and LIE "Jack").

      Can someone explain about this? Is this true @Bertrand?
    1. Bertrand's Avatar
      Bertrand -
      what strat is talking about here is when a psychological feature is used beyond the point at which it is in tune and useful to the environment in which it finds itself, which another way to say is when it has become excessive or "outlived its usefulness", there exists a singular "tipping point" where beyond which the feature starts to exert a negative impact which we would call in moral terms "greed, cruelty, or recklessness." any program taken to an extreme can unbalance the environment and that is when their time starts to pass and further exploitation of the environment by that function leads to destructive effects. so when Huxley gets "taken to an extreme" -Ne starts to "intercept" all the possibilities that others could benefit which leads to them searching for alternatives, which likewise Huxley beats them to, until there's nothing left and other types get desperate and resort to other modes to "counter Huxley" so she stops hogging everything. This would be like if a culture or society lived by Huxley's values for too long it would start to dominate the environment in such a way that ceased to be "healthy" and would naturally provoke a response to somehow come up with a counter to the domination so that life might find a way to flourish or progress again, which is how new psychological values emerge as dominant on the world stage, and the cycle repeats itself.

      what Strat is saying is that every quadra has its dominant values and its leaders which execute those values that over time begin to stagnate or become decadent to a degree that change becomes necessary and that is when new methods and modes of being become more and more effective until they manage to displace the dominant ones. the idea is that no one type or quadra can cover "every angle" so that it becomes necessary for the quadras to progress from one to another in a process of growth and competition a lot like evolutionary survival of the fittest. basically every type has its negative side that it brings on the longer its dominant because their negative side is the side they neglect and the longer you neglect taking care of a certain area the worse it gets, until it gets to a point where it is no longer capable of sustaining itself so some type or quadra that doesn't ignore those issues begins to take over

      which is why quadras have different values in the first place, because there's eventually a necessary time and place for what they specifically consciously pay attention to in order to solve issues and continue as a matter of survival. in other words the longer a specific quadra is dominant in the culture the more problems acumulate that they cannot handle with their way of thinking, until it gets to a point where a "regime change" becomes necessary as a matter of survival. when the old group has passed the point of being "healthy" but is still in charge, we call that "despotic" because they're holding onto old ways of doing things essentially for its own sake (but mainly as a product of being unable to do it differently) and that plays itself out in a "moral narrative"