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    Logical-Intuitive Introvert
    LII – INTj – Robespierre (Analyst)

    The orientation of ego block of LII: at the core of everything lie fundamental laws, which must be uncovered through deep investigation of the essence of phenomena and processes.

    Description of the Strong Functions:

    Ti – Program function. LII's weltanschauung is founded upon understanding of interconnectedness of phenomena in the surrounding world, its underlying structure and laws, to which everything that occurs is subordinate.

    His thinking is analytical in its nature. He strives towards elucidation and understanding of general maxims, fundamental laws and regularities, as he investigates and gathers information. In his mind, LII builds a model that corresponds to his knowledge and experience, which is founded on his understanding of the surrounding events. If he has found and incorporated into his understanding some universal maxim, he will follow it with determination, regardless of opposition from others. By no means can he be distracted from what he deems to be the principal purpose of his life. He will abandon something he has started only if he, himself, becomes convinced of being mistaken.

    His work and research often constitute the main purpose of his life. Many representatives of this type corresponds to the label "workaholic".

    LII likes precision, accuracy, order; he is meticulous and discriminating in his reasoning. Finds pleasure in creating simple schematics, organizing everything "by the shelves", thinking and planning ahead. Considers that the behavior of people, especially at work, must correspond to specific logic and a definite system. Immediately notes the illogicality and contradictions present in the actions of people and, as much as possible, attempts to introduce corrections: he can express it as a criticism or offer to help, depending on whom he's dealing with. Generally, everything that is illogical and disorderly irritates him, as well as inconsiderate people.

    Ne – Implementation of the program. In order to create a valid schematic, that corresponds to what is logical, LII attempts to penetrate into the essence of objects and events, seeks the underlying reasons for events. Cannot live without a basic set of beliefs; if it was necessary to abandon his old ones (this occurs extremely rarely), he will formulate others. In such cases it is very important for him to be convinced of the verity of the values, which are within his interests: his understanding must have solid internal support.

    Instinctive insight into the substance of the existing world constantly leads him forward, and as soon as he has gained understanding, he is drawn to something new. Everything that has been understood by him seems to be very clear and uninteresting. Only for a short time he is capable of admiring the result he has obtained, for soon after there appears a sense of triviality for what's been done.

    One of the LII’s most positive qualities lies in the ability to dismantle intricate and complex questions, to reveal the important parts, to see the problem "from above" and clearly relay his insights and understanding to others. If he has clearly comprehended the essence of the problem, he will not yield to his opponents and will assert his position and vision to the end.

    A very characteristic feature of the LII: he is very perceptive of the course of time. He innately cannot waste it, spend it in vain. He works calmly, without emergencies and urgency, from aside he seems unhurried. His ability to concentrate, to not be distracted by external interference, leads to high efficiency in work. As a rule, he can accurately estimate when he will be able to turn in his work or finish a project. His sense of obligation and accuracy manifest themselves in everyday life as well: if LII has agreed to be at a meeting but didn't show up – this means that something serious befell him.

    Description of the Weak Functions:

    Se – Painful function. LII poorly responds to volitional pressure. Though he is often hardworking, operative, and likes organization, he will not execute the commands of superiors, which in his view are incorrect, or do so very begrudgingly.

    If he is being treated unjustly, he will attempt to defend his right sometimes with expressed sharpness and ardor, which catches everyone by surprise.

    He finds it difficult to fit into strict order and social hierarchy, where everything has been previously stipulated, and there is no space for creativity.

    LII maintains rationality in material expenditures; frequently he will save a sum of money for the "rainy day" or some unforeseen situation. He is usually thrifty and will not spend money in vain.

    His ideal of happiness is in a regulated and proper life, where there is time for work and for leisure. He can for a very long time, sometimes decades, adhere to the same daily routine, and feels very uncomfortable when circumstances disrupt his measured way of life. In such cases, he will try to regain his old way of life, since in it he finds internal support. Excessive disorder and chaos, whether in private or professional life, he experiences very painfully.

    In regards to his health LII considers the objective reality, but he does not trust his own sensations and prefers to rely on physicians. When he falls ill, he strictly adheres to physician's instructions, obtaining the prescribed medication, administering the correct doses, and following the advised regimen.

    In clothing LII frequently adheres to a "business" style that mirrors his professional association rather than highlighting his individual preferences. He does not care for pretentiousness and bright accessories. Even women of this type feel hesitant to highlight their sexual attractiveness with clothing.

    Fi – Role function. In realm of ethics, LII adheres to the norms and traditions accepted within his society. In nonstandard situations, acts with sufficient care and restraint, so as to avoid situations where he orients poorly. LII poorly discerns emotions of others. He prefers not to interfere in conflicts or simply avoid such situations. Finds it difficult to comfort others merely with words. In such cases prefers to render concrete assistance, or, if this is impossible, to simply walk away and not get involved. Outpours of emotions, complaints, tearful confessions he tolerates poorly and does not understand what to do when confronted by another's tearful emotional outburst.

    Usually LII communicates from a large psychological distance and does not like excessive familiarity. People, with whom he feels close, are usually few and mostly his childhood friends. In this, the weakness of his ethical function also manifests itself.

    Thus, as a child and as an adult, she fails to develop and maintain many friendships. In this the weakness of the ethical function manifests itself.

    Following established practices, LII's bearing is usually proper and restrained. He does not tolerate rudeness and himself rarely resorts to it. Often makes an impression of an aloof, dispassionate person, but usually this is only a manner of outwardly behavior – under the mask of restraint hides a turbulent inner life and full of intense experiences. However, his reserved nature does not permit him to share his misfortunes with others. For years he may harbor an offense, in the depth of his soul, only with difficulty forgives the offender.

    In relations to opposite sex, LII shows caution and judiciousness, holds himself with restraint. He becomes enlivened in course of intellectual conversation – in this sphere he feels himself sufficiently grounded and capable.

    LII at Work and at Home:

    LII usually does not strive for management positions. Administrative activity is not his element. If, nevertheless, LII finds himself in such a position, he strives to rely on objective criteria, will provide cohesive logical reasons to convince subordinates of the need to undertake one approach over another. LII as a leader is more inclined towards democratic methods, but is always very exacting. Due to his high standards in accuracy and precision, he cannot wholly trust his subordinates. If given authority, he will try, by himself, to check over everything, to personally ascertain that everything that needed to be done has been brought to completion.

    Systematic and orderly person, LII adheres to his principles in the organization of his workspace – everything that may come necessary is within arm’s reach, and there is nothing in excess, which could distract him from his work. After work, LII will clean up a little, place everything in its previously designated places; all the necessary supplies and materials are neatly organized on his table and shelves.

    LII distinctly separates personal life and work. He has a strong sense of responsibility in respect to his family and relatives. Being predisposed to tradition, he is serious about marriage, cares for his aging parents, feels obligated to provide good education to his children. In relations to family, he is not inclined to excessive sensitivity: the weakness of ethical function prevents him from expressing his feelings, especially around other people.

    Should one of his relatives require aid, including material, he will offer his help, but he will not freely throw money into the wind – in this sense he is rational. He likes to compile lists of necessary expenditures. Attempts to guard himself in the case of possible future adversities and misfortunes; saves money for "the rainy day".

    In time free from work, values solitude and rest among family members. He cannot simply idle around and exist without a goal. Loves intellectual forms of sport: chess, checkers, and other cerebral games. With pleasure occupies with creating collections, and his hobbies – photography, art, gardening, sports. All his hobbies, as a rule, require diligence and devotion, and they must all have some positive purpose: he will not, for example, collect designer labels. In activities that do not require another's assistance, he can spend hours alone with a project that he is interested in. If someone shows an interest in what he is doing, he will willingly show and explain everything.

    Many representatives of this type have a good musical taste: they love music or even play musical instruments, and even write songs themselves.

    Summary of Functions:

    1. Thoughts have an analytic nature. Knowledge is processed in accordance with global maxims. Create a model, based on their experience, in their consciousness. Works scrupulously and meticulously, loves everything to be precise and in order, is very accurate and judicious in work.
    2. Attempts to penetrate into the essence of phenomena and events, seeks the core reasons behind what occurs, generates new possibilities. Knows how to foresee the ripening of global developments, possible dangers that may result.
    3. Cannot comfortably express volitional pressure. Cannot act in ways deemed dishonorable or deplorable. Is not oriented well in the sphere of personal health and maintenance.
    4. Must observe norms of morals and traditions deemed necessary. Behaves in a proper manner. Prefers intellectual contact to emotional contact. Holds self at a distance psychological distance from others. Emotional expression is restrained, often based on the norms dictated by society. Tries not to interfere/get involved in conflicts. Avoids emotional situations.

    Professional Assessment:

    LII possesses all the criteria necessary for work in analytical research. The ability to dismantle complex questions, to view the problem in its entirety and clearly present personal speculations, makes LII a good instructor and scientist. Amongst LII are also encountered people in the arts, most frequently musicians.

    Career Possibilities:
    • Systems Analyst / Database Manager
    • Computer Programmer / Computer Software Designer
    • Economist / Investor / Financial Analyst
    • Lawyer / Judge
    • Engineer
    • Physician / Dentist / Pharmacist
    • Psychiatrist
    • Mathematician / Philosopher / Physicist / Chemist / Biologist / Laboratory Technician
    • Professor / Teacher
    • Social Scientist / Historian
    • Architect / Photographer / Musician / Creative Writer
    • Forestry / Park Ranger

    Potentially Favourable:
    ESE (ESFj), SEI (ISFp), EIE (ENFj), LSE (ESTj), IEI (INFp), SLI (ISTp)
    Potentially Adverse:
    SEE (ESFp), SLE (ESTp), IEE (ENFp), ESI (ISFj)

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