• ENTj description by Filatova


    Logical-Intuitive Extrovert
    LIE – ENTj – Jack (Entrepreneur)

    To the LIE life is inconceivable without reasonably directed work. In order to obtain a good result he must operate effectively and maybe even take risks, using time to the maximum benefit.

    Description of the Strong Functions:

    Te – Program function. A person’s natural state should revolve around his work activity, and LIE, as much as possible, corresponds to this principle. He is the strong worker, works willingly with a sharp understanding and comprehension of each action; therefore he makes everything productively, effectively and with great pleasure.

    LIE – one of the most dynamic psycho-types, he is very active, possesses fast reactions and takes the initiative. He capably calculates his actions so as to be economical. Being engaged in industrial activity he easily translates his thoughts into reality, it is better to put waste to use than to throw it out. Can conceptualize the optimum method of making use of space so that no room is wasted. Thus he precisely comprehends which task is major and which is minor. He attempts to determine the precise order of his preferences: so that minor trifles should not prevent him from carrying out what is deemed the most important task/goal. He applies these same abilities in the realms of his hobbies: should he find something to be impossibly immense he’s able to reasonably limit himself.

    Ni – Creative function. In order to work rationally it is especially important to plan beforehand so as not to waste any time in vain. A combination of practicality and romanticism is noticeably characteristic in LIE.

    Introverted intuition manifests itself in his irrepressible imagination, the ability to consciously combine events and facts, within his mind, which are incompatible with reality. Possessing a rich imagination allows LIE to habitually view things from a different, unexpected angle. Inventors and rationalizers are often representative of this psycho-type. Such a person can foresee the optimum solution in deciding how to solve a problem; can often find a way out of unusual situations.

    He very much enjoys experimenting with mental and practical activities. He approaches situations as if playing a game, which itself is more important than the task in which he’s engaged. Though something may be more “interesting” than “convenient”, he will try to combine the two whenever such is possible.

    His extroverted intuition is also rather active, he is attracted to novelty in various different areas – mechanics, electronics, sports, new ways of learning… Thus he makes sure that these activities are not assumed in vain: tries to apply, whenever possible, novel ideas to a field of interest. It occurs that even from the unprofitable situations, that he cannot avoid, he will nonetheless manage to benefit.

    The aspiration to allocate resources, in time, in the most rational way is characteristic of LIE. He constantly analyzes everything, which has occurred, predicts relations with different people, and tries to predict the consequences of his actions. Each missed opportunity is felt sharply by him: he applies his best efforts to insure such does not repeat itself again.

    His ability to sense the slightest change in a situation, his fast reactions, his initiative, and his practicality, combined with his creative vein, make him a good businessman and manager. He is able to be prudent and economical in his means, but also to take risks. However, it should be noted that risks, for him, are always thought over and calculated in advance.

    Description of Weak Functions:

    Si – Vulnerable function. LIE is not confident in all that concerns his state of health, aesthetics, and household convenience. It occurs that even in these areas he tries to use his imagination and initiative – qualities that serve him so well in practical and industrial activities. But very quickly he sees that his activities in these areas are met with bewilderment, at times even with sneers. Such reactions are experienced painfully. He makes note of what those that criticize him say, those sad and boring people, and also notes their inadequacies. However, he nevertheless begins to be cautious in exercising “his creativity” here and instead adheres to what’s deemed acceptable by society: he buys mass-produced furniture, wears standard clothing (typically sports wear), and, in regards to health, simply prefers conducting a healthy mode of living, avoiding, whenever possible, having to see the doctor.

    The sensory function’s vulnerability also generates another feature in LIE’s character: the tendency to self-affirmation. He wants to prove to himself, and those surrounding, that he has the strength, endurance and skill to overcome barriers. Therefore he loves travel and sports – especially such kinds as mountaineering, tourism, and slalom skiing. His aspiration to romantic adventure is defined by his strong intuition.

    Fe – Role function. For LIE, situations where emotions are openly displayed seem confusing, obscure and not very interesting. He prefers to hide his bad mood – in those rare cases when it arises. He does not care for pessimists and whiners. In acting, with regards to this function, he leans on the norms that are accepted by society but often has difficulty recognizing the relevance or irrelevance of displaying certain feelings.

    Impulsiveness is not characteristic of him; he usually leaves conflicts, as he understands that they don’t benefit anybody. If he does not manage to avoid a conflict he is capable of striking with a sharp counter blow. It also occurs that he’ll play the aggressor to warn away the aggression of another.

    LIE at Work and in the House:

    In regards to professional hierarchies LIE begins with principle of rationality, he does not necessarily desire to hold a high post if someone competent is already in power. If such isn’t the case than, for the sake of saving time, he finds taking the initiative easier.

    As a leader he’s perfectly able to solve strategic problems. He aspires to achieve positive results in industry through the introduction of modern technologies. If he trusts someone he will behave informally with him or her, but will remain the true leader. He’s a supervisor of democracy, creating the proper relations towards his subordinates is inherent to his position. In regards to all his fellow workers, even those at a lower position in the hierarchy, LIE aspires to treat their concerns as equal to those of a business partner.

    His relations with relatives are also painted by the aspiration of partnership. He finds it easier to relate and agree with others on a verbal level (through dialogue). He perceives intonations, gestures, and vague hints poorly. He would rather that others directly tell him what they require of him.

    LIE – the good family man: the man of this psycho-type is able to give a lot of time to his home, especially if it is necessary to make, improve or invent something. He finds routine business boring. As well the female LIE does not overly care for keeping order in her home, does only what is necessary.

    Summary of Functions:

    1. – One of the most dynamic psycho-types. Works willingly with an excellent realization in regards to each activity. Prefers “large-scale” work. Knows how to systematize, to create an effective working system, in which all the components will be taken into consideration.
    2. – Is capable of envisioning the long-term forecast. In him is combined practicality with romanticism. Inventor and innovator, the lover of drawings. Is oriented towards the distant prospect, ably selects the best options for the future and rarely makes mistakes in this.
    3. – Finds it difficult to create comfort in his private life, to be orientated in his health, he prefers a healthy mode of living, and in clothing – a sport style. Lover of expeditions, overcoming of obstacles, different types of journeys. He is not inclined to force his way by direct pressure, instead will invent something new so as to create the bridge that puts him ahead of his rivals.
    4. – Is poorly orientated in the emotional realm and in “society intrigues”, so prefers a familiar, friendly, democratic style of behaviour. He respects the norms of morals, traditions, wishes that they provide him with cues on how to properly react to others.

    Professional Assessment:

    LIE can effectively deal with scientific research work, an inventor and innovator. Successfully realizes abilities, as owner, manager, knows how to orient self in situations of instability. Good teacher, educator. Also finds a place in the primary industries – operational work.

    Career Possibilities:
    • Computer Programmer / Software Developer
    • Economic Analyst
    • Business Administrator
    • Investment Broker / Stock Broker
    • Management Consultant / Business Consultant
    • Marketing Manager
    • Life Scientist
    • Physician / Dentist / Medical Statistics / Physical Therapist
    • Restaurant Manager
    • Biomedical Engineer / Chemical Engineer
    • Senior Manager / Management Trainer
    • Professor / Teacher


    Potentially Favorable –
    ESI (ISFj), SEE (ESFp), EII (INFj), LSI (ISTj), IEE (ENFp), SLE (ESTp)

    Potentially Adverse –
    SEI (ISFp), SLI (ISTp), IEI (INFp), ESE (ESFj)

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