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    Logical-Sensory Extrovert
    LSE – ESTj – Stierlitz (Administrator)

    To the LSE primary focus in life is in reasonably directed labor. Work must be organized in such a way that is convenient and properly rewarded.

    Description of the Strong Functions:

    Te – Program function. For the logical extrovert the reality of the external world is above all. She is directed towards practical activity. The sphere of production and technology interests her. She knows how to rationally and effectively work. LSE’s thinking carries a clearly expressed practical direction. The practical possibility of designing and choosing articles in daily life, the implementation of labor interests…

    Any dispute for her is a serious argument – this is a fact. She herself gives actual proofs to her proofs and requires that others do the same. In beginning a task she thoroughly assembles the relevant information, analyzes the possible variants, and only acts if the components of everything are clear to her. This tactic permits her to act logically, rationally and economically.

    She’s irritated by incompetent directions – in such situations may manifest sharpness or flare up. But if her opponent convincingly substantiates his/her proofs, LSE will peacefully assume the task. Valid laws are essential since they are integral to the concept of objective reality and such institutions of statehood as parliaments, ministries, law courts, penitentiaries etc. Any form of society is impossible without valid laws, and therefore LSE relates with proper respect to facts that are guarded by laws; she is the innate lawyer.

    Her innate feeling of discipline may lead her into military educational institutions; many excellent officers are representatives of this psycho-type.

    Si – Creative function. In order to assume as much qualitative production as possible it is necessary to make labor efficient. It is only possible to achieve this through the excellent organization of labor, and this is constantly the aim of the LSE. She considers that there always and everywhere must be order, at work and in the home. Any object prepared by her hands is completed, as a rule, conscientiously and accurately, be it a knitted blouse or a computer program it is reduced to the level of an art.

    As a sensor, LSE is concrete in everything, however, in connection with her rationality, which stipulates the difficulty of her switching to another activity, this concrete style of behaviour can develop into obstinacy. People of this psycho-type are capable of maintaining an identical viewpoint of something over a long period of time. It is difficult for her to disconnect from such a state of mind.

    Her ability to concentrate all her resources on the work by which she is occupied, and to be untiring and firm in such work, requires that she relax. Relaxation for LSE is often found in sports. She prefers team activities: football, volleyball, tourism… These wonderfully combine the ability to live in a group whilst at the same time retaining her individuality.

    She does not impose excessive requirements on reality, she is inclined to look on things reasonably and also with optimism. Hence she meets any anomaly, which destroys her order (i.e. disease) with full-forced internal protest; such must not enter her life! Her entire mental system gravitates towards sincere health and a clear logic of interrelations with the object world.

    Descriptions of the Weak Functions:

    Ni – Vulnerable function. LSE painfully experiences any type of uncertainty. It is desirable that everything be planned before-hand, to precisely know what will happen tomorrow, in the week, in the month, in the year. Uncertainty, for her, is the most severe vital problem, it makes her nervous and she attempts to surmount it with all her resources.

    LSE is not inclined to give herself up to dreams and fantasies, she finds it difficult to create an internal world that is not connected with reality – her attention is always concentrated on the exterior of things. Therefore she often doesn’t realize the deeper essence of a person or event, but makes judgments based on what she sees (i.e. in regards to whether the man is respectable) and finds her point of view to be sufficiently reasoned.

    Her consciousness assumes no mysticism, nothing beyond that which may be seen, touched and checked. Because of the weakness of her introverted intuition she will never compose an intuitive forecast of events, but will prefer to act by means of her strong logical function: thus she will count on things but not foresee them.

    Particularly, due to the weakness of intuition, LSE cannot always catch on to the trends of development, prospects for one or another form of production, the possibility of demand for one or another commodity. It is therefore not surprising that she neither hurries to use innovation in the house nor at work nor in administrative activity. May even wear the same suit for years (though nevertheless will wear it properly and aesthetically). In general, in regards to clothing, she is more so guided by worthwhileness (formal fashion), does not so much love “avant garde” styles.

    Extroverted intuition is also not among the strong qualities of the LSE: for example, she finds it difficult to correctly evaluate and to sense the nature of other people, their true motives, which push them toward one activity over another.

    Fe – Role function. In relations with people LSE works out a definite image, style of behaviour, which she considers adequate. By this is meant correctness, restraint, politeness, and good breeding. Her style, in this regard, can be considered stereotypically “English” in mannerism. Usually her behaviour is subordinated to certain norms, standards, effected by community expectations, as she understands them. But if a situation departs from the customary framework – she is lost, in the absence of flexibility she finds it difficult to rapidly change her style of behaviour.

    She lacks the ability to sense the emotional state another, the degree of his/her vulnerability. Therefore LSE frequently will try to aid others in work but avoid the manifestation of feelings. To her significant other she finds it more easy to give a gift than to say, “I love you.” If such is requested from her he may appear astonished, feeling that her feelings are already evident.

    She is sometimes prone to emotional “flashes”, in a difficult situation she may suddenly explode and shout. But this flash easily passes: this psycho-type does not characteristically accumulate stress. Nevertheless the memory of such situations remains with her for a long time, thus now and again she seems “rancorous.”

    LSE at Work and in the Home:

    Under normal conditions LSE is exact and detailed, moderately energetic, a concrete thinker, able to cloth any idea in flesh and blood. All of her apparent behaviour can be described by the words: adequate to the situation. She does not necessarily strive towards authority but will also never prove to be an outsider, assumes the situation according to what is proper for her.

    She does not torment herself with existential questions, and at the same time is overly prone to egotism.

    From all that’s stated above it’s clear that LSE, as a professional, is best suited for any work where concrete, operational, competent decisions are necessary.

    Her ability to work effectively, to think logically, her tendency towards objectivity and respect for law, understanding the needs of people, and also the ability to create comfortable working conditions for them, make LSE suitable for advancement into offices of leadership.

    Being, by nature, conservative and a supporter of tested methods, she is much better suited towards tactics, rather than strategy, prefers evolutionary development to jumps and risky activities.

    LSE easily manages administrative work, connected with business documentation. She is a good organizer at any scale. She is not only capable of investigating the problems of the whole collective, but also of the individuals within; without disregarding the needs of people. At the same time, when she must, she knows how to be a strict leader, since she is convinced that for the efficient use of material and human resources a solid hand is necessary.

    All the LSE’s characteristics of psyche are also developed in family life. She has a high feeling of responsibility and will even force herself to carry the burden of an unsuccessful family. She considers her children’s education a duty, which cannot be lifted. If in charge of the household performs excellently, is inclined to work excessively on domestic tasks, require that all adhere to the rules determined by her. Fills her home with anything useful, loves to make domestic contributions, if adequate material is available. The male LSE will not reject helping his wife with the economy, can prepare dinner, wash the floor, give sufficient attention to children.

    In relations with other people she will not characteristically use cunning to manipulate. In difficult situations she acts on what she’s discovered: she will obtain what she deserves! – this principle is carried to the same degree to those around her.

    In extreme situations appears volitionally, capable of withstanding the test and of persevering with a sense of duty.

    Summary of Functions:

    1. – Aimed at practical activity. knows how to create high-quality production, prefers to work accurately and consistently, knows how to use labor efficiently. Is inclined towards a detail-oriented fundamental approach. In community life observes the conventional rules.
    2. – Aims for commensurability and balance in search of general harmony. To work effectively is convenient. In life is satisfied with necessities. Frequently has “photographic” memory. Easily evaluates the volitional qualities of people close by, but does not attempt to suppress anyone. Behaves adequately according to the situation. Does not overly strive to lead but also won’t follow.
    3. – Doesn’t bother self with anything that cannot be seen or touched. Fantasies are not their thing. Poorly foresees the possibilities of anything, prefers to adhere to the tried and true methods. Conservative.
    4. – Weakly orientated in the sphere of emotions, in the nuances of experiences. Cannot always control feelings, is capable of exploding and shouting. Considers it necesssaryto observe the norms of behaviour and morals, adheres to the image of a restrained well-bred person, but in uncommon situations can feel lost and not know how to act.

    Profession Assessment:

    Realizes self best in any practical activity – production, construction, medicine (surgeon); capable of becoming a good administrator at any level, a jurist. Successfully manages in military service, in law, the primary industries, in professional sports, a good trainer.
    • Mortgage Broker
    • Marketing Manager
    • Stock Broker
    • Banker / Loan Officer
    • Judge / Lawyer / Paralegal
    • Database Manager / Computer Analyst
    • Physician / Dentist / Pharmacist / Physical Therapist
    • Factory Supervisor / Administrator / Executive
    • Mechanical Engineer / Applied Engineer
    • Chef / Restaurant Owner
    • Real Estate Sales
    • Priest / Minister
    • Military Officer
    • Security Guard / Police Officer

    Potentially Favourable –
    EII (INFj), IEE (ENFp), ESI (ISFj), LII (INTj), ILE (ENTp), SEE (ESFp)
    Potentially Adverse –
    IEI (INFp), ILI (INTp), SEI (ISFp), EIE (ENFj)

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