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    Sensory-Ethical Extrovert
    SEE – ESFp – Napoleon (Leader)

    The SEE is characterized by the drive to expand his influence, by the desire of authority and glory. In order to realize these goals it is necessary to learn how to control people, by manipulating their weaknesses and avoiding their strengths so as to never be conquered.

    Description of the Strong Functions:

    Se – Program function. A strong individual. Irrepressibly he approaches his goals and, at any costs, tries to reach them. “Only success, only victory!”

    SEE – always the leader, ambitious and confident. Naturally proves to be the center of attention in any group. The desire, without fail, to lead, to control; leads to rivalries, competition with other aspirants. However, SEE deftly senses the nuances in his relations, wonderfully senses the moods of others towards him. If someone, whom he must deal with, is capable of holding him at a distance, of resisting him, SEE will not bother with him, but if, and when, he feels slack he can press and become unceremonious. Will not seek conflict without reason. Can act diplomatic and insinuating in order to achieve objectives. But if conflict arises he can express himself directly, unambiguously.

    Always, and in everything, SEE tries to display his advantages to others. Should he suffer injustice he will find a way to turn it around, presenting himself to others so as not to lose face, even conversely to appear the victor. He never acknowledges his injuries.

    SEE tends not to get lost in the difficult situation; in such cases he rather reacts with more strength, mobilizing to surmount the difficulty.

    Energetic and noisy, he creates the impression that he is occupying as much space as possible.

    SEE noticeably develops the shadow function of the extroverted sense of sensations (Se), especially when viewed from the exterior. SEE loves bright, garish clothing; he prefers to appear from “better to extravagant” rather than “everyday and gray”. It pleases him to be noticed, to garner the attention of others.

    Fi – Creative function. SEE magnificently manipulates people by their moods and desires. He loves to be the center of attention, to fascinate others with his ideas. He easily provokes quarrels but just as easily reconciles them, as if playing; pulling the strings. It is important for him to preserve the good opinion of other towards him, not to let himself fall, to stress his talent and exclusiveness. He’s a great actor and can manifest outstanding diplomatic inclinations, well cultured.

    Sensing well the moods of others, SEE can support a comrade through a difficult moment; manifest his participation, his sympathy. By being naturally volitional and cheerful he impels other to act, not to fall apart or whine.

    The SEE – men with bright and intense emotional range – from angry indignation to noisy enthusiasm. He thus always finds himself included in the emotional situation, he is ready to act: to help, to sympathize, to fight, to condemn, - and no matter how he expresses his relation to that occurring he is always absolutely confident in the correctness of his sentence.

    With the opposite sex he readily displays initiative. Though to suffer rejection may be tragic he knows to move on.

    Strong excitability and emotionalism give rise to increased sexuality. Especially in the younger years it is difficult to settle down.

    SEE is prone to jealousy, may frequently suspect partner of treason, and does not pardon innocent flirtation.

    Bright emotionalism also develops in the love of arts; SEE especially loves music and singing. Frequently he has some of his own music, demonstrates to all his talent and ability.

    Description of the Weak Functions:

    Ti – Vulnerable function. The weakness of this function is developed in the fact that activities for the SEE frequently carry a chaotic nature; in his behaviour there is no systematic pattern of character.

    Even if SEE possesses a heavy stock of knowledge, he is not always able to sufficiently make use of it; his emotionalism frequently re-weighs logic. His erudition manifests itself in sudden flashes but he never keeps on one topic for long. An extroverted sensory type, his need for external activity frequently manifests itself in uncontrollable motor activity. Thus he may be prone to acting before thinking.

    Understanding that logic is not his strongest quality, SEE compensates for this in his business activities by placing a greater role in his personal contacts and connections. He attempts to work out the definite stereotypes of behaviour in different situations so as to not be caught unprepared.

    For SEE it is very important that the result of his work be visible and tangible. He wishes to obtain a return for his efforts. This may be exemplified through community acknowledgement (i.e. social status) and/or material evidence of acknowledgment (i.e. apartment, car, the latest gadget, the most up-to-date, most elegant, prestigious fashions…)

    Ne – Role function. Since the SEE focuses all his attention on the sensory area, he does well in interpreting the external manifestations of people, events and things, but cannot understand their secret meaning. He senses well, but badly comprehends in-depth. For this reason he finds it difficult to correctly evaluate others, his surroundings, and even himself; finds it difficult to find his true place in life. Nevertheless SEE will try to develop the role of a sensitive and attentive man, capable of correctly comprehending the current situation.

    He also finds it difficult, in view of the weakness of the intuition of time, to precisely plan activities beforehand. In such regards he’s apt to become impatient, finds it difficult to wait for something if he feels he needs it now.

    SEE at Work and in the Home:

    When holding an executive position SEE maximally uses his strong traits: his active nature and ability to manipulate others. He always attempts to achieve the goal presented; in this case he can act by means of volitional pressure, and by the temptation of the forthcoming profit. He is best at succeeding at tasks with a tactical nature – he rapidly orients himself in the situation, easily varies his methods of operation, but at the same time poorly visualizes the distant prospect.

    He heavily suffers, and thus negatively reacts to, criticisms from others, especially if the discussion deals with his weak logical ability, randomness of activities and ill-considered nature of decisions. Sometimes the SEE will seek to get rid of the coworker whom, to him, is disposed towards excessive criticism.

    If he leads a small group his bustling style of leadership can lead to strained relations. SEE proves much more useful, in a leadership role, in a larger scale enterprise, especially if the group contains reasonable and farsighted members, capable of logically influencing him, of smoothing out the spontaneity of his activities from a distance.

    In the family SEE, as a rule, acts as the leader/dictator, he decides who must do something and what must be done at the given moment. Family holidays awaken his enthusiasm, which sometimes finds its way to the workplace where his desk is always cramped with the current entertainments. He loves knowing how to prepare well for such occasions, loves good food.

    He relates with zeal not only to himself but also to members of his family: they are all the best, the brightest, the most capable; no one can be compared with them in their multiple talents.

    SEE usually loves animals/pets; takes them in as members of the family.

    Summary of Functions:

    1. The energetic, strong individual. Irrepressibly approaches a goal and tries to reach it at any cost. Strong volitional qualities. Knows how to care about own health and the health of close ones. Aesthetics in the home, food; all of this proceeds from the general principles of healthy worthwhileness.
    2. He separates people into his friends and strangers, highest and lowest, attempts to occupy as high a spot as possible on the vertical hierarchy. Knows how to make contact with others, easily can manipulate people in order to attain a goal.
    3. System, structure, objective laws – these are areas in which the SEE struggles. Finds it difficult to think deeply and thoroughly about a problem. Being very energetic, now and then acts in a chaotic, confused manner.
    4. Attempts to play the role of someone capable of penetrating into the essence of an occurrence, but frequently overestimates ability to do so. Prone to impulsive action, will not give self up to dreams and fantasies for extended periods of time, thus does not often try to comprehend the distant prospects – is too strongly tied to the ‘genuine reality’.

    Profession Assessment:

    SEE performs admirably in professions that require contact with people at all levels: political activity, military service (in as high a rank as possible), jurisprudence, artistic activity, teaching, commerce, and secretarial work. People of this psycho-type should be warned against the selection of scientific activity, especially in regards to theoretical disciplines.

    Career Possibilities:
    • Real Estate Agent / Retail Merchandiser
    • Travel Agent / Tour Operator / Flight Attendant
    • Psychologist
    • Social Scientist
    • Social Worker
    • Teacher
    • Fundraiser
    • Team Trainer
    • Nurse / Radiological Technician / Dental Assistant / Optometrist / Veterinarian / Occupational Therapist
    • Performer / Comedian / Film Producer / Actor
    • Interior Decorator / Floral Designer
    • Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

    Potentially Favourable:
    ILI (INTp), LIE (ENTj), IEI (INFp), SLI (ISTp), EIE (ENFj), LSE (ESTj)
    Potentially Adverse:
    LII (INTj), LSI (ISTj), EII (INFj), ILE (ENTp)

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